What Makes 2022 GMC Savana an Ideal Commercial Van?

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Commercial vans are required by numerous businesses nowadays. It is one of the reasons why people can see a rise in the sales of such vans. Though there are several choices that people can opt for in this category, most prefer 2022 GMC Savana. It is one of the best commercial vans that offers ample space and power, which is required by such a vehicle. Hence, before getting it when in Idaho Falls GMC dealer know a few aspects of this commercial van.

What makes this an ideal commercial van?

Numerous aspects make this an ideal commercial van. These include:

  • Cabin space and styling
  • Powerful engine
  • Reasonable pricing

These three are the major reasons for people considering this to be an ideal commercial van. Hence, have a look at these in detail below!

Cabin space and styling

Savana is about functionality and practicality. This van comes with a cabin that provides owners with comfortable and huge seats for passengers. The dashboard comes in black plastic with ergonomic placement for controls.

If you want to use this for passenger vans, then 12 people can easily be transported at a go. However, if one opts for a longer wheelbase, then the number climbs to 15. The entry model comes with power windows, radio, AC, cruise control, audio system, power locks, etc. Also, opting for higher-end trims adds features like keyless entry and more.

Now, if one wants to use it for transporting cargo, then one can get the model where there are no seats placed. It will provide people with a space of 287 cubic feet. These cargo vans come with bare and raw cargo areas to easily customize according to one’s need. Moreover, shelving and various other storage options are also available for people.

Powerful engine

This van comes with different powertrains to choose from. Its cargo and passenger van both come equipped with a V6 engine as a standard option. This 4.3L engine creates 276 horses and is adequate for commercial purposes. However, most people are suggesting the V6 optional 6.6L engine that creates 401 horsepower.

Apart from these, people also can opt for the diesel 2.8L engine that creates 181 horses. However, it has a torque of 369 lb-ft making it quite the machine to haul cargo. Nevertheless, still, people opt for a V8 model because it can pull more cargo than the diesel variant. Moreover, most people opt for Trailering Equipment package that allows people to tow effortlessly. Visiting Idaho Falls GMC dealership will allow you to learn more about the available powertrains.

Reasonable pricing of Savana

The cargo van of Savana comes in two options 2500 and 3500, which costs $34,700 and $37,400 respectively. The Passenger vans cost a bit more; the 2500 and 3500 passenger vans are priced at $38,900 and $39,700 respectively. Now you need to decide which type is more suitable for your needs. Once you choose, visit a dealership immediately. The quicker you get in touch with a seller, the faster will be the delivery of this ideal commercial vehicle.

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