Annie bakes and her Personal Life

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Annie Bakes is a beautiful young woman with silky brown hair. She is well known for her grace in the modeling industry. Having worked with many agencies and companies, she initially was approached by a modeling agency at a very tender age of sixteen. She liked the way that the agency treated her and was determined to follow this path in her professional life. It took her many years to make her mark in this competitive field but now she is one of the best known models and has a series of books and several photo shoots to her credit.

Annie Bakes first came into the modeling industry with her brother who was already in the business. He encouraged Annie to take up modeling as a hobby so that they could help their brother meet his potential. They soon found success in this field and Annie started preparing for the next level of work. She kept herself busy with various assignments which kept her very busy and focused on building her career. She joined the fashion magazine Fashion London in 1985 where she did print commercials and model for various other agencies.

British show circuit

Though there were many models in the fashion industry, Annie quickly distinguished herself in the eyes of the modeling world. She began to gain notice from the top modeling agencies and was invited to join a British show circuit. There, her career flourished and she was soon considered as a great model. She was soon introduced to Peter Cooksey who introduced her toiar with him. The two became friends and they worked together, building a strong working relationship and creating a memorable career.

Miss America winner

When Annie went to New York to compete in the Miss America Pageant in 1986, there were a number of models who were looking to replace the retiring Miss America winner. The competition was fierce and out of all the competitors, Annie was the only one who stood above the rest. She was known for her cheeky and carefree personality which made her a favourite among the judges. She easily won the crown and was nominated for the next Miss America contest. The following year, Rodman came to visit New York and introduced annie baker to him.

They instantly hit it off and started dating. They soon got married and they have been with each other ever since. Their recent interview on the Conan O’Brien show created quite a stir and everyone from all over the country has been fascinated with their story. It is evident that their lifestyle has not let them down and they are living the American dream right now by simply being a loving couple who are willing to take any financial risks in order to be together.

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Death of Mother

It was not long before Annies mother died when they were just newly married. Due to this, the outgoing Christian family had to adjust to their new family situation. They had to adjust their schedules to accommodate their soon to be ex-wife’s illness and also to support their two young children. This led to a great amount of stress for the entire family and the Christian family had a lot of issues to sort out. Things got better once they got Annies older brother, Ronald, and his wife, Ginger, a few years later.

Now, we all know that it was not easy raising a family as well as the Christian family. That does not mean that they are lucky though. It takes a lot of hard work in order to achieve your goals and Annies siblings, Frank and Kathy, have certainly been very wise choices. They are both very successful in their lives and have achieved great things. Frank was a former model and Frank baked cakes for a living until he met his wife Ginger. They have a son called Ron and have raised a very large family.


Now, it is evident that the two families are close. Ron and Ginger have raised a very good family and Annies daughter, Karen, is a bright and beautiful girl. Frank and Kathy have built a great marriage and managed to raise a very nice family. One could draw a conclusion that the problems in their personal life could have easily been avoided if they only chose to have a normal and honest talk about their divorce and the impact it has had on both parties.

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