A Helpful Guide On Tracking Your Passport Via Speed Post

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In the age of global mobility, the importance of a passport cannot be overstated; serving as the key to unlocking new destinations and experiences. A reliable passport tracking system is paramount as international travel becomes increasingly prevalent for various reasons, such as education, business, and leisure. This guide will delve into the intricacies of tracking your passport via Speed Post, offering valuable insights for those embarking on journeys and emphasising the role of international travel insurance, domestic travel insurance, and student travel insurance in ensuring a seamless travel experience.


Travel has become more essential than ever, with various reasons such as business, education, health, and religious tourism driving the need for passports. In this context, tracking the delivery status of passports, primarily through Speed Post, has become crucial for individuals. Relational travel insurance is prudent for any traveller, offering peace of mind and financial protection against potential risks.


Passport Issuance In India:

The Passport Seva Project (PSP), launched in 2010 by the Ministry of External Affairs, streamlined the passport issuance process. It involved a nationwide network, India Post, and the State Police.


Passport Application Process:

The application methods include online submission, in-person application, and e-form submission. Depending on the applicant’s age, different documents are required for new applications or renewals. The Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) facilitates the application process, including interviews and verification by State Police.


Tracking Passport Via Speed Post:

Following the passport interview at PSK, applicants can track the delivery status of their passports via the India Post tracking tool. Despite occasional inaccuracies, it is commonly used. Log in to the Passport Services portal using the 15-digit file number and birthdate to check the status. Once shipped, a 13-digit Speed Post tracking number is provided for further tracking on the India Post website.


Speed Post Tracking Process:

Applicants access the India Post website, enter the 13-digit tracking number, and click ‘Search’ to find the delivery status. The system provides information on submission date, dispatch date, transit locations, and delivery date. Delays in tracking updates are acknowledged, and local Post Offices can provide more accurate information.


SMS Tracking Service:

For added convenience, India Post offers an SMS tracking service. Applicants can send messages to dedicated numbers (51969 or 166) to receive updates on passport delivery status. This service is supported by all phone networks in India, with SMS charges imposed by the respective service providers. 


Before embarking on an overseas journey, it is advisable to secure comprehensive international travel insurance to mitigate any unforeseen challenges that may arise during your travels. Choose a reliable domestic travel insurance if travelling within the country. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *


For students studying abroad, having appropriate student travel insurance is essential to ensure their well-being and address any unforeseen medical or travel-related emergencies during their educational pursuits in foreign countries. Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under the travel insurance policy. *


In modern travel, tracking passports efficiently is a valuable asset. This guide has illuminated the process of monitoring passports via Speed Post, providing a comprehensive understanding of individuals navigating the complexities of international journeys. As passports are essential for cross-border travel, their secure delivery is paramount.


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