5 Cool Exterior Home Improvement Projects for 2022

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If you have already got your interior exactly how you want it and are now looking at doing a few things to improve the exterior, you have come to the right place. Most homeowners like to do at least one project per year and we offer some great ideas to boost the curb appeal of your home.

  1. Replace the decking – Timber decking is pretty durable but a decade-old structure would look jaded and replacing the timber with a composite in timber-grain finish means zero maintenance. Start by drawing a plan (to-scale) and if you can extend the existing terrace space, why not? Inspect the framework and if it is still in good condition, you only have to replace the decking planks. Rebuilding the frame will obviously add to the cost; if this is beyond your DIY capabilities, ask a local landscape gardener to quote for the project. Next summer isn’t that far away and now is the perfect time to start planning a deck project. Consider replacing your existing shading system; a fully retractable roof is the long-term shading solution, if you have the budget, that is. Wicker furniture and a few hanging chairs make for an ideal relaxation area, with subtle LED lighting.
  2. Fencing & gating – The good news is you can now buy composite post and rail fencing that will stand the test of time; a timber post fence looks elegant but we know how much care and attention wood requires and a composite material is the ideal solution. The supplier also offers an installation service and they are happy to quote for your project. You might want to consider electric gates at the property entrance; talk to a gate company that offers custom solutions and see the value of your home soar. You want to retain that rural look and the latest generation of posts and rails offer the timber look without the maintenance; the posts are insect-proof and water won’t damage the material. Our new fencing is easy to clean, a wipe with a damp cloth is all it takes, while the material doesn’t fade in the sun.
  3. Bali hut – If you have the space, a Bali hut is the perfect spot for rest and relaxation; you can buy cheap self-assemble kits, or if you have the budget, hire a specialist to design, build and install a unit. Thatched by skilled craftsmen and using seasoned timber, your Bali hut will be a major feature of the property and if you do install, you will get a great deal of satisfaction; simply create the concrete base as specified and the rest is easy. There are other styles of modular units that give you extra living space; checkout the amazing container homes with a Google Image search and you can see the potential of using containers to create living space. Adding living space instantly boosts the value of the property, making this the best home improvement of them all. Click here for bedroom furniture that everyone should have.
  4. Block paving the driveway – Tarmac is fine but if you want a stunning driveway, block paving is the way to go. Choose a couple of colours and design a pattern that is in keeping with the style of your home. Blocks are sturdy and you can park your motorhome on a block paving driveway, providing the ground is prepared correctly. For a quote, search with Google and invite several contractors to price up the project, all-inclusive, of course. Buying a jet power wash machine and cleaning the driveway is a breeze; you can restore the finish to its original state, leaving the driveway looking like new! The contractor has a wealth of design experience and can come up with a stunning design to complement your home.
  5. Replace the guttering, downpipes fascia & soffit –Soffit and fascia boards can be replaced with PVC sections that are maintenance-free and come in a range of rich colours, while stainless steel guttering adds class to any building. Talk to a local roofer about replacing guttering, flashing and timber boards and they would be happy to quote. The roofing contractor can also power wash the rook and add a coat of silicone sealant to prolong the life of the roof. While he’s there, the contractor can carry out a thorough roof inspection, giving you a written report on every aspect of the roof. The guttering provides an essential escape route for rainwater and if it has seen better days, now is the time to replace it with something that needs no repainting.

With some creativity and a decent budget, you can create a stunning exterior that matches the elegant interior. The Australian government offers information on home improvement, which certainly adds value to your biggest investment and over the years, you can transform a property, while increasing the comfort level of your living space.

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