How a Personal Alarm Can Help You & Your Elderly Relatives

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When we were born,our parents were there to take care of us and they were always never far away at any given time. It is because of them that we are here today and that we are enjoying our lives to the full. Age comes to us all and at some point we are all going to have to slow down and take things easy. There are many benefits to becoming older like having essential life experience, but one of the negative things is that our health begins to deteriorate and we are not as mobile as we used to be. It is worrying to see that many children feel that their elderly parents are burdens within their life and they forget so quickly that these were the very people who brought us into the world and who took care of us for many years. It is called the circle of life and now that your parents are older, it’s your job to step up and to take care of them.

This is why many people look into getting a personal alarm for the elderly because they want something to provide their parents with protection when they can’t be there. These devices have been around for around 50 years now and the technology has continued to improve over the years. They are incredibly affordable and they can be easily worn around the neck and they prevent our parents from not getting the help that they need in case they fall over or they get really sick. If you don’t already have a personal alarm for your elderly parents then maybe the following benefits of doing so can encourage you to make this very smart purchase.

  1. Help comes quickly – Due to the fact that your parents will have a personal alarm off at all times, it allows them to call for assistance whenever they need it the most. If you have already purchased them a full and you think that this is enough then you are sadly mistaken because you need to remember that if they fall over, it is unlikely they will have the phone with them and even if they do, they may find it difficult to make that call due to their Alzheimers. Having a personal alarm around your neck means that all they have to do is to press one button and help will come quickly.
  2. They keep their independence – If your parents did not have a personal alarm such as this, then it’s highly likely that you would be insistent that someone comes around their home every day to check on them to make sure that they are okay. This might completely infringe upon their independence and they may resent you for it. By investing in a personal alarm that has a button they can press any time that they really do need help, you’re allowing them to keep their independence and to keep living in their home that they have done so for over 40 to 50 years.
  3. It will save you money – Money is always a part of everything and if this device means that you don’t have to hire a full-time carer to be with your parents at all times then it is money very well spent. When you think of the cost of getting someone to call your parents even for a few days a week, it amounts to a significant amount of money over the course of a year and so purchasing a personal alarm can save you an incredible amount of money.
  4. Essential peace of mind for everyone – Purchasing a personal alarm isn’t just for your elderly parent’s benefit because it also provides you and the other members of your family the peace of mind that we all need that our parents are fine and we will know if there is an issue when the personal alarm contact us via our phones. This device allows them to be able to reach you in a quick time and this means that you can make sure that they get the help that they need immediately.
  5. It improves the odds – When an elderly parent falls down due to a stroke or a heart attack, then time is incredibly important and if they don’t have any kind of device that warns the people that they are in trouble, then it’s likely that they will be lying on the floor for many hours before someone notices. This is a crucial time when they really need medical care and so these devices can have a fall over notification so that when your parents do take a tumble, the device will let you know that it has happened.

These are five clear benefits for purchasing a personal alarm for your elderly parents and believe me when I tell you that there are numerous more.

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