The furniture pieces you should aim to have in your bedroom

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Your bedroom needs to be the most serene room in your home, aside from your living room. It serves as the ultimate space for catching up on your sleep, protecting you from the worries of the world, and giving you energy to face the days ahead – making it essential to choose the right furniture.

Regardless of whether you plan to redesign your bedroom afresh or remove clutter and improve its current state, you can use these furniture guidelines to help you know what to look for and what you can avoid or let go of. We will also discuss why these furniture choices are important as well.

Bed frame

Bed frames are a guarantee for anyone looking for a bedroom centerpiece, as it gives your mattress support and allow you to relax. There are two types of bed frames; metallic ones, and the classic wooden type.

The size of the bed also matters, with the ideal bed frame being 10-15cm more than your height or that of the tallest occupant to accommodate your frame easily. As a rule, you should choose between bedsteads and divan beds, and feel free to make adjustments according to your bedroom’s size.

  • Divan beds – these will combine a mattress with a base, as well as add a headboard. To prolong the mattress life, you should choose a more luxurious Yinahla mattresses with a spring base.
  • Bedstead – this is a frame bed type with a headboard; it can have a slatted base or have a woven wire or metallic grid. For longer mattress life, flexible slats are best.

Depending on your preferences, you will choose different mattresses as well, with most expert mattress studies putting the best mattress options as those with latex or foam as primary materials. Spring mattress options are the best for longevity, with more premium options using higher spring counts.

Bedside table

If there is enough space for placing a bedside table on both sides of the bed, you can include them in your layout – but feel free to reduce this to 1 if the space is smaller, or opt for a wall-hung option.

If all you keep next to your bed is a designated space for a cup or glass, a book, and a device, you can use a simple tabletop or a tray table. If you want more storage you can choose tables with drawers or a cabinet-style design, depending on what you aim to store in these compartments.

Storage for your clothes

To store your clothes, you should consider the shelves and drawers or hanging space for your clothes, which depends on the clothes you have. For instance, coats and dresses will need hanging spaces, while shirts and pants will not need them.

In terms of wardrobes, they can be fitted or freestanding. Freestanding ones offer the most flexibility because you can take them when you move out, and they can work as elegant furniture pieces other than providing storage space. A fitted design offers the advantage of fitting exactly to the room’s specifications, including accounting for awkward spaces.

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Drawer chests also give extra storage even if the wardrobe has shelf storage, so consider the depth of the drawers depending on the clothes you want to keep in them.

Dressing table

This is a valuable addition and you should get it if possible. It is worth considering what it should include; for instance, those with slimmer designs and fewer drawers will offer more space but less storage, while classic designs offer more storage but take up more space.

Bedroom seats

These are not necessary, but including them can change the bedroom entirely into a luxury suite. Installing a sofa or a set of bedroom chairs give you a designated reading space, and you can consider putting an upholstered chair if they cannot fit. If neither a sofa nor a chair can work, you can consider an upholstered cube or stool to add color or interesting patterns, and this can also provide a space to layout your clothes if necessary.

Other furniture options

Consider these additions as extras, and they will counteract clutter and add to the beauty. They include:

  • TV storage unit – this will work if you watch TV in your bedroom, and there is no goggle box for mounting the set.
  • Blanket box or storage ottoman – These can keep your out-of-season clothes.

It is important to choose the best options for your bedroom furniture that work optimally with your space while eliminating clutter and helping you relax.

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