What is Phrogging? How we can Stop it!

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What is phrogging! Who invented it! If you could snuggle into a den, you could phrogee! From the rural English world of “pig-o-hopping”, the word phrogging generally refers to someone who won’t let their friend or significant other go out of their house while they are away.

Phroggers can’t just take their sweet little princess with them on vacation, they must have their space and protect her from every male member of the species. Usually it takes place when a male comes too close; typically this takes place when the male has stolen food from a restaurant. Usually the male will apologize, and the female will eat the entire amount of the stolen food, but if the male doesn’t come back, she will eat some more, and so on.

For instance in 2008, a Japanese man found a homeless who had been living on the top shelf of his closet after film from a security camera revealed that she had been eating food from his refrigerator.

How it starts

In some cases the male will follow the female for hours, until she gets fed up and says enough is enough, and then she will leave. If the male isn’t tall enough to avoid getting caught, he might have to walk the extra mile and hide behind bushes or under a bush. This is where the phrogging starts. Some people like to describe the act of frogging as “stealing other people’s sexual time”.

While many in the hippie generation would consider this to be highly romantic, others in the older generation find it disgusting. In fact, one of the main reasons that the FBI is involved in the investigation of the Oklahoma City rap group revenge of the five is because one of the members, known as P-Diddy, was caught on tape saying that he likes to “steal other peoples’ sexual moments”. Naturally, the members of the group were incensed, and demanded he be arrested. Many of those same people are now happily married, and are actively participating in eco-friendly political activism.

The point of the story is that we should all be very concerned about it. Whether it is happening in your neighborhood or on a college campus, it is stealing precious moments from people who shouldn’t be on the radar screen. While we might not like to imagine someone secretly living inside an attic, there are more pressing issues that need to be addressed.

Violation of a human right

The real issue, however, is whether or not we are letting our culture promote phrogging. The practice of covertly observing another person, without their knowledge, in order to catch them in the act of committing a crime. Although the surveillance of a specific individual may have reasonable suspicion to justify a stop, legally speaking, the very act of capturing and observing someone defies any rational thinking. If we allow it to go unchecked, we are condoning the violation of a human right – the freedom of speech. And if we allow others to believe that they can get away with it, we will further encourage the escalation of violence in places like Chicago and LA.


So, how can we stop phrogging? Well, as a parent, I would suggest not to let your children walk around unsupervised in their own homes. There are so many creepy crawls that go on in dark, unlit places that I wouldn’t even think about letting my kids play in them. However, if you do live in an urbanized area, maybe even in a condominium complex. You should at least make sure that your kids have a way to get to the bottom of their own homes to crawl or to sneak up on someone who might be watching them.

Luckily for everyone, there is a great solution on the horizon. It involves attaching an invisible, self-contained antenna to the side of an attic or crawl space, and broadcasting a signal that will lure in any phroggers. This signal will consist of a high-pitched frequency that most phroggers are unable to hear. As long as the phroggers are within range of the signal, they will eventually come to think that they are being watched and will leave.

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