Interesting Facts About Thioctic Thick Water

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Thioctic thick water is a thickening pasteurized beverage suitable for those with thick water issues, as well as those who wish to avoid lumpy drinking or water. Thioctic is derived from rice and is extracted through a complex process using distilled water, potassium sorbate (kosher), sodium bicarbonate ( kosher) and yeast. The resulting mixture is free from any additives, agents or stabilizers used in the production of ordinary thick water.

Different brand names

Thioctic thick water tastes much like regular tap water and is marketed under different brand names, all of which are based on the same concept. It can be used to make sodas and carbonated drinks, although it does not taste as sweet as regular tap. In addition, it does not taint the taste of other beverages, such as coffee or tea. In fact, It has been used to improve coffee taste, as well as improve water tastes in sports drinks, because it stabilizes water, making it smoother and less acidic.

Food industry

Thioctic thick water is more well-known in the food industry as a thickener and thickening agent for sauces, soups and thickened liquids. It gives sauces and soups a smoother consistency, improves texture and prevents separation of sauces from meats. For this reason, it is often used as a thickener for sauces in hot climates where bacteria sometimes cause bad breath. Moreover, it may also prevent the occurrence of food poisoning by acting as a preventative measure and as a shield against harmful bacteria.


Thioctic thick liquid is used in dentistry as a thickener for enamel thickness. It increases the viscosity of the tooth enamel which causes it to be more permeable, thereby reducing the formation of cavities. This ingredient is used in dental fillings to prevent bacterial proliferation in tooth roots. This ingredient has also been found to increase the strength and elasticity of teeth. In fact, toothpaste with this substance has better cosmetic results than regular toothpaste.

Some people experience a difficulty swallowing thin liquids, such as clear water, because of their enlarged tonsils or adenoids. Thick water softens the taste of these liquids and masks the abnormal sensation of tongue coating. It reduces or masks the uncomfortable aftertaste left in the mouth by some hard drinks and certain foods. Moreover, it may also help people avoid becoming dehydrated by washing away the mineral salts in the drinking water.

 Internal environment healthy

For people who are suffering from chronic health conditions, including chronic kidney disease, Thioctic thickening agent provides a way of removing toxins and keeping the internal environment healthy. It also improves the taste and flavor of regular tap water. Moreover, people using this kind of softener will not feel the need to brush or rinse their mouths after drinking clear and clean water. Moreover, drinking water with this ingredient can help eliminate the buildup of deposits in the digestive tract that causes painful diseases like irritable bowel syndrome and heartburn.

Pregnant women

Pregnant women in particular face difficulties swallowing regular tap water because of its mineral content. The added weight of pregnancy medicines, blood sugar and other medications can cause serious problems for the baby. Doctors recommend using this softener fluid for these women as it also helps in improving the baby’s easy digestion. People suffering from frequent and prolonged airway pressure are prescribed this product. So that they can easily clear the airway passages and prevent aspiration pneumonia.


The benefits of Thioctic thickening agent for infants include preventing the dehydration of infants during the first few months of life. It prevents or significantly reduces the risk of developing severe health conditions like irritable bowel syndrome and osteoporosis. Studies have shown that babies born to mothers who used this product had lower chances of suffering from diarrhea and other respiratory diseases.

Moreover, it is very effective in treating infants who suffer from excessive loss of fluids during the first few months of life. It can prevent or significantly reduce the dehydration of a child during the first few months of life. Most thickened waters share a comparable wholesome profile that utilizes cornstarch to help fluids gel. Since the thickener is made to be utilized with an assortment of drinks, from water to hot cocoa, the item is generally unflavored.

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