How Fashion Brands leverage Digital Influencers for Hypergrowth

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The power of influencer marketing for fashion publicity is a tried-and-tested marketing strategy. Fashion brands have long used celebrities as muses to promote their products. 

Those who have the resources hire the likes of Kim Kardashian, Ronaldo to promote their products. These days, most fashion brands tend to use influencer marketing to promote their wares. This is not only cost-effective but also helps brands target a wider audience that isn’t limited to geographical boundaries.

Why Digital Influencers?

To gain people’s trust, fashion brands need to partner with influencers that act as role models or friends. Though celebrities have heft, they do not target a specific audience; they do not represent the reality people face.

Digital influencers, on the other hand, work hard to create an engaged following of people online, using creative content that their followers can relate to. For fashion brands, this means finding the right digital influencer that resonates with the brand identity and has a following that fits the target audience of the brand.

However, finding the right digital influencer is like finding a needle in a haystack. The only way brands can find the right digital brand influencer is by availing the services of an influencer marketing platform. There are many of these available online, you should choose one that not only helps you find the right influencer but also assists you in the entire influencer marketing campaign to give you the best ROI.

How digital influencers appeal to the brand’s target audience

Though people admire celebrities, they are often seen as distant role models. Digital influencers, on the other hand, are seen as ‘regular people’ who can be approached through a social media comment. Many of these digital influencers work part-time, juggling between spending time with their families, meeting deadlines, creating content, and engaging with their followers.

Digital fashion influencers share their personal style and give tips to their followers when it comes to dressing well. For example, you will find many videos on YouTube with titles like-

‘Dressing formally under $50’

‘How to dress for a party with a budget of $100’

‘How to choose the right wedding gown’

‘Formal shirts every man should have’ and so on.

Usually, all of these video posts contain links to buy the products featured in the video. These fashion influencers are seen as authority when it comes to giving fashion advice and tips. If anyone needs any advice, they know who to turn to.

Earlier, people used to buy products from a certain brand based on their previous experience. Now, suggestions given by fashion influencers play a vital role in their follower’s purchasing decisions.

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Benefits of hiring a digital influencer

People trust their influencers. They love to interact and engage with their content. The influencer works hard to develop interactive content. He also makes sure to reply to comments on his posts.

As almost everybody the fashion brand targets are online, digital fashion influencers are the natural way to increase brand awareness and boost sales. 

Fashion influencer’s niche audience gives brands direct access to the people they are targeting. It is a win-win situation for both the brand and the influencer.

Digital influencers are so important to brands that many brands go to the extent of creating product catalogs in collaboration with these influencers. Many even use the influencer’s content for their marketing purposes. There are even some brands that have risen from obscurity only with the help of digital influencers.

How fashion brands gained success with influencers

Daniel Wellington

This brand uses only influencer marketing to promote its products. It has created an official hashtag #DWPickoftheDay which all of its influencers use in their posts. They do not make glossy product catalogs, instead, they rely on their influencers to create content that resonates with their target audience. They also run contests and sweepstakes through their influencers to shore up sales. 

By having a well-thought-out influencer marketing campaign, Daniel Wellington has placed itself as a respected brand that is near to its customers.

Forever 21

If you want to get heard, you have to do things differently. Forever 21, a fashion label, did just that with its influencer marketing campaign. Instead of getting a photoshoot done by models, they hired a host of relevant influencers to create posts that drew attention. They got their influencers to post videos on how to wear the clothes, with their genuine feedback for the same remaining unedited.

With this campaign, Forever 21 was able to give people the ‘shopping with friends’ experience. This helped them connect with their audience, boost awareness and increase sales.


Everlane understood that not everyone is convinced about buying a product just by looking at it in a catalog. To help their customers see how they could use Everlane’s products, they got some fashion influencers to wear their clothes in three separate  looks. This helped their target audience see how they could use the same product for different uses. This campaign was a resounding success, with Everlane also sharing the content created on blogs and their own social media handles. This helped them get a lot of backlinks for SEO, brand awareness and an increase in sales.

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