Is There Any Real Use For A Fun Quiz?

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Q. I don’t like my kids spending so much time on the computer and playing video games. Can you help me find or develop a fun quiz to stimulate her thinking?

A. A fun quiz is a great way to keep kids busy, especially during the vacation months when learning stops.

The key to designing a fun quiz is keeping the topics relevant to the things your kids are interested in while managing to push the boundaries of their knowledge.

A funny quiz doesn’t have to be so easy that it looks like a joke, nor does it have to be boring. Here is an example:

Let’s say one of your children enjoys playing with American Girl dolls and her favorite is Kirsten. Now, we all know that Kirsten moved to the United States from Sweden when she was a child, right?

Instead of asking a fun quiz question like “Where did Kirsten live before moving to the United States?”, Which any devoted Kirsten fan already knows the answer to, you might ask, “What colors is the flag of Sweden, where Kirsten used to live? ” This is meant to include topics in the fun quiz that your kids are interested in, but it pushes the limits of their knowledge and forces them to learn while having fun.

Clever parents, right?

You can create fun quizzes where you design the quiz, print multiple copies, and distribute them to your child’s playgroup, Brownie or Cub Scout troop, or other times when two or more boys get together. You can get awards for the most interesting answer or for any other metric you want to use.

Remember that the keyword in a fun quizzes is fun. If kids realize that you are really making them learn something, the magic may disappear and your fun quiz will become just another goof that Mom or Dad wants them to do.

A fun quiz doesn’t have to be limited to young children. You can create a fun quiz that allows your teen to earn “borrow the car” points by answering road safety questions.

Employees can also participate in a fun quiz where you award points or rewards for answering questions about your products or services, or perhaps questions about your largest and smallest customers.

The point I’m trying to make here is that a quiz doesn’t have to be a terrible thing. A fun quiz can be used to teach and entertain at the same time. Go ahead and try it yourself. My challenge for you is to create a fun quiz that entertains, stimulates and teaches the people who take it.

A Fun Quiz to Test Your Quest For Success

The number one influencing factor today seems to be which state has the best tax incentive plan. The answer: no Illinois. So what can the actor control in his career to achieve success? Most of the people choose to pursue this business because of their passion for art. But that passion must be combined with a commitment to the professional end of the business. So here’s a quiz, like the one you’d get in a magazine, to determine his level of business acumen. Give yourself one point for each yes answer and see the answer key below fun quizzes .

I have professional looking headshots and resumes that look how I look now.

All of my most recent experience is updated on Actors Access and my resume.

I do marketing emails in a suitable time frame so that the casting directors know what I am doing.

My agent knows my show schedule and when I am not available for auditions / reservations.

I check my email and voicemail every two hours during the day so I can return a call about an audition quickly.

I always have a headshot and a resume with me in case a last minute opportunity arises.

I always have a pen and paper handy when my agent calls so I can get information quickly and accurately. I realize that when I have to call them back to confirm the information they already gave me, I take time when they could be doing something else to get me more work.

I have email and a printer to get my sides.

I always read the breakdown and come dressed appropriately.

I make sure to be available for the reservation dates, if chosen for the role prior to the audition.

I always get as close to being memorized as possible in all my auditions. Simple commercials are always done out of the book.

I am always on time for auditions. I leave early enough that the worst-case traffic and lack of parking doesn’t make me late.

If for some very unusual circumstance I am late, I call my agent and not the casting director.

I have a flexible schedule and can do 95% of the auditions that I call or book for.

I know the shows in major theaters this season and am researching on-camera opportunities that might be right for me.

I am taking a class and working hard to be a stronger actor / singer / dancer.

I read at least one specialized magazine a week.

I watch all the different genres of television and film and go to see a lot of plays.

When I audition, I try to find information about the director, the nature of the project, the style of the project, similar endeavors, or other projects by the same people.

If there is a script available, I always read it before the audition.

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