How to Increase Sales Using Conversational Intelligence Tool?

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Sales have always been lying in the centre of the business cycle. But the process of sales involves a large number of tasks that are inefficient but have to be done on a daily basis. Till now all of these works were done by humans still many firms are doing the same. If you look at the efficient working model then you will find that human resources are not to be used for redundant tasks. Then what is the solution? 

The age of computers has made a lot of things easier than before. Its effect can be seen easily in the field of businesses and sales. Right now we’re going to talk about conversational intelligence tools. There are a lot of other tools based on AI that businesses are using to enhance sales but this article is going to be focused more on conversational tools. Let us start this conversation without further delay. 

What are conversational intelligence tools?

These tools are quite new to the market but they have already gained momentum even at this stage. Before understanding any other thing let us take a look at what is conversational intelligence? Conversational intelligence is the ability to understand, track and make use of the things you hear from someone. The better you are able to use it, the more conversational intelligence you possess. 

Right now there are 

Conversational intelligence tools are pieces of software that are used to work with the conversation. Suppose there is a conversation between two bodies, the tool will record and analyze that conversation in order to find meaningful keywords and utilize them for future transactions. Since it becomes quite an inefficient task for human beings to hear long conversations and filter out the meanings out of it. That is the main reason why pieces of software are better here. They can work on long conversations and take out meaningful data from it. 

How useful these pieces of software have become right now?

Before you go on understanding important terms related to it, let us gain some knowledge about their utilities. Suppose your firm is scaling up over time. You can record the conversation of a few people and give them proper feedback but there is no way, you can do it for a thousand people. In such a situation, your sales reps will get ready-made information right from the CRM. This will simplify the process of sales and enable your sales reps to work efficiently. 

Some of the best options available in the market

Sales are quite a lengthy process in itself as it involves several steps. Once you are ready with the essentials, you will be able to start with the use cases to close deals. Use cases are some rules that you should adhere to for converting a person into your potential customer. But you will be able to do it effectively only if you have the right pieces of information. In order to get the initials right, you need better software solutions. Here, we have a nice thing to offer, let us have a look at it. 


Salesken has become quite a popular name in this category. There is a large number of tools available in the market but this one is quite unique in many respects. It offers some features that you can’t find anywhere else. Let us take a look at some of the best features of it:

Real-time analysis

Several important points will be presented to the reps right during the time of conversation. The rest of the essentials will be delivered post-call. 

Highly adaptive

When you are making something for businesses, the most important part is its ability to work with different tools. Since the market trends keep on changing over time, new technologies need to be incorporated to meet the needs of the customers. With Salesken, there is nothing to worry about it. 

You can use it with a wide range of tools made for businesses. In fact, it is compatible with almost all the utility tools of this age. This is the main reason behind its success and a large number of people started using it right from the beginning. Since Salesken is highly efficient in delivering other services as well, its ratings are quite high. You will get more ideas about its abilities once you go through the user reviews online. 

Final words

Salesken is a company that makes the best use of data science and artificial intelligence to benefit businesses. This tool is highly effective in picking out the right from conversation about cost/price. Using it will assure you a nice and effective sales environment where human resources will be used only where it is most important. The world has gone far ahead of the times when humans were used to performing ineffective and redundant tasks. 

But you have to keep in mind that only one thing can’t streamline the success of your business. Several other complexities are involved as well. Suppose you are targeting the wrong people then what use can you make of the conversation? So, you need to be very careful right from the beginning as there is nothing like overnight success in this field. 

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