7 Problem Solving Activities To Boost Team Productivity

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Team management can be an issue, if there is lack of cooperation between colleagues. When people cooperate with each other, it gives team management software a strategic advantage.

As rightly pointed by Andrew Carnegie, “teamwork is what enables people to attain uncommon results”. People who seem to be perfect with teamwork, can too fail to fulfill team goals. 

As a team leader, it is important to assist the group in working as a group to succeed. The best way to go about doing this is, involving team members in problem solving activities.

Such exercises are meant to ensure team members start liking and respecting each other for collaborative efforts. Let us see the activities, giving team members ample opportunity to learn.

1. What I Changed?

This is a communication based exercise, not taking long enough to complete. To start with, divide the groups into two, drawing a line for each and they facing each other.

Allow individuals from one group to make changes in appearance of the member standing right opposite. Repeat the process, by reversing the process.

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Now start asking individuals, their thoughts on changes made in their appearance. Such an action leads to an amazing icebreaker for teams, and lets them focus on things they are ignoring in team management software. 

2. Create A Story

Innovation is fundamental, for critical thinking in unseen situations. This is a group building exercise, to let people think creatively. 

Get across a set of large sized sequential pictures, and hang them on the wall. Let team members give a look, allocating one picture each to an individual person or group.

Request one by one to tell a one line story, looking at their respective picture. Inform the team mates to connect the dots, by telling a story that connects to both their picture and previous story. 

Proceed until you have a complete story, covering every picture. A variation of this exercise could be dividing pictures among groups, instead of individuals.

Give each group paper, pen, and some time to compose a story surrounding their picture. After then, ask groups one by one to narrate their story. 

This exercise helps employees to be proactive, in decision making ability within team management software. Also, task visualization enhances creativity.

3. Let Us Stand Together 

This is a fun filled exercise requiring a united action, to team up and succeed. Segment employees into pairs in a team management software sitting back to back, with their arms connected. 

Tell each pair to stand up, without unlinking their arms. When a couple achieves this, group two pairs together, repeat the exercise, and keep adding. 

Regardless of whether a couple, a group of four, or more, the activity teaches teams to be united at all times. Even if somebody is sensitive or ticklish, it is great for getting people to laugh together. 

4. Take Out The Knot 

Taking out the knot is another truly fun-filled exercise, to bring teammates closer. An entire group can do this, or divide the entire team into two or more sub teams. 

Tell everybody to stand in a circle facing each other, with their shoulders connected. Now tell each team member to extend their left hand, and hold the left hand of another tightly.

Similarly, tell them to extend their right hand to hold the right hand of someone tightly. Ensure that no one holds both hands, of the same person. 

The outcome will be so many hands, tangled into each other as a knot. Now tell everybody to untangle their hands, without breaking anyone’s knot. 

Such an action might appear to be quite simple, yet it boosts cooperation. It 

 improves critical thinking and logical reasoning, to reach a conclusion when dealing with team management software. 

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5. Find The Treasure

Perform this activity in an indoor or outdoor setting, as it is fruitful when planned at numerous locations. The objective is to chase for treasure to discover basic things, accompanied with a clue to find the next one. 

Add a sense of rivalry between groups, as they are on their own to track down their list of things based upon clues. Bringing a sense of competitive spirit and a prize, allows teams to efficiently use team management software.

6. Can You Build It

It is a great exercise for teammates to tackle issues, coordinate, and communicate in a team management software. To begin with, build a structure and hide it from everyone. 

Give the entire team or sub teams the materials required to build the same. Permit a team, or sub team member to see the structure. 

That individual needs to explain the structural design to the group. The group should cooperate, in an attempt to reproduce the same structure. 

If the team or sub team fails to make a copy, allow another person to take a look at it. Again the structure creation commences, and so on. 

Keep repeating this, until teams or sub teams precisely build what you have done. It motivates trust, two way communication, and coordination.

7. Pass The Hula Hoop

For this particular exercise, instruct your team(s) to stand in a circle facing each other holding their hands. Now slip a hula-hoop onto the arm of one of the members, by breaking two of the hands and then tell them to rejoin again. 

The challenge starts with every member passing the hula hoop from one to another, without anyone leaving hands. By doing this, eliminate any rivalry between people by inspiring team spirit on the inside making team management software use a smooth sail. 


Both proactive thinking and team building exercises are beneficial for a business and the workforce. All these activities do display obvious signs of bringing out the best in future teams using team management software. 

Does any of the team building exercises excite, or fascinate you? Utilize such energetic exercises, to expect positive outcomes from a self-motivated team. 

Assuming you need self-inspired people to work as a whole, try out one or more exercises from above to get started. Regardless of, whether dealing with people from different hierarchies, or from different cultures, these exercises would help to get the best out of them.

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