Why is Dental Insurance Important During the Covid-19 crisis?

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, you might be refraining from going out frequently unless it is really important. This also means that you might be avoiding your regular health check-ups and dental check-ups for a while or at least till the government lifts the rules and restrictions of the lockdown that is currently imposed in most parts of the country. However, this might not be a great thing to do. Especially if you are already going through a dental treatment because it might further worsen your tooth decay or damage. 

A dental care plan or dental insurance policy might come in handy during this period because it provides financial assistance to take preventive dental care measures or to complete a dental implant surgery when it is of utmost necessity. You can also opt for a comprehensive dental cover that covers various types of dental issues and diseases. Anyone can opt for a dental care policy that comes with extensive coverage and multiple benefits. But it is a must if you have a history of dental issues in your family or have suffered it yourself at some stage of your life. You can opt for a dental care plan due to these reasons:

Expensive treatments 

The expenses related to dental implants, surgery, and removal or treatment of decayed teeth or cavities have increased so much that it might get hard to manage it from your pocket. Also, a simple procedure like bracing of teeth might cost you tens of thousands. 

Moreover, the procedures followed for dental treatments are long, and a dentist might need years to fix an issue completely. Also, you might have to visit the dental clinics multiple times a year. And during each visit, you will have to bear expenses like consultation fees, medicine charges, etc. Therefore, it is better to have a dental insurance policy to get rid of the worries related to all these expenses. 

Comprehensive coverage 

A decayed gum might destroy your jawbone and cause excruciating pain when not treated at the right time. Moreover, there are many tooth and gum issues like cavities, gingivitis, periodontitis, etc., that need urgent medical intervention. And treatment from a professional dentist. 

A comprehensive dental care plan will cover the expenses of all these treatments. Skull fracture, issues in facial bones, and other issues relate to the skull and jawbone are also cover under an extensive dental care policy. 

Room rent 

The expenses that you will need to pay for the room rent in case the dental surgery or treatment needs 24/7 medical supervision. If you need to be hospitalized immediately for a prolonged dental treatment are covered under this insurance policy. 

Some dental cover plans also include the expenses required to seek the consultation or treatment from a gynecologist, nutritionist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, etc. If required during dental treatment or surgery. However, surgeries or medical facilities other than dental care and treatments are not cover by a dental insurance policy. 

It is important to get a dental care policy because health insurance plans and medicare policies usually do not cover dental treatments and surgeries. Also, due to COVID-19, you might not get a prompt response from dental clinics. And contacting the insurer might help you to get quick assistance. 


Bajaj Finserv offers a dental care policy that eases your financial burden. By providing coverage for the consultation fee of the dentist, lab test charges, cavity filling, X-rays, scaling and polishing teeth, preventive dental checkups, etc. Free ambulance service and room rent discounts are also offered by this policy. 

The dental care policy from Bajaj Finserv also offers network discounts in the dental care facilities that are included in the Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Network. You can get these discounts multiple times without any limit as this benefit is offered without capping the discount amount. The services and discount rate that may be covered in the facilities at Bajaj Finserv Health Prime Network are given in the below table:

ServicesDiscount Rate (in %)
OPD Consultation10%
Lab & Radiology10%
Health Plans & Packages10%
Dental Procedures10%
Room Rent5%

You can cover multiple members of your family under this dental insurance plan. Moreover, you can avail of the treatment from any doctor who has MBBS, BAMS, BDS, or BHMS (Allopathic, Homeopathic, and Ayurvedic Dental) degree. Also, the expenses of multiple visits can also be covered provided that the amount does not exceed the total benefit offered by the policy.

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