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Programming languages have their own set of rules and syntaxes, and following them keenly to create new programs and applications is itself a struggle. Each of the programming language holds its very own significance in the world of tech development and is used for the design cycle of several applications.

Learning the new programming languages has become the norm for the students of computer science and software engineering. This is important from the aspect of rapid innovations that are taking place in the tech market.

Obviously, studying computer science and software development are interconnected with programming languages.

Since the past 5 to 10 years and after the spread of coronavirus, the innovations and advancements in the tech grounds have accelerated much! This is also resulting as the dramatic rise in the learning of new language among the students and the developers.


If you are the person who loves to read the tech blogs or if you are into the field of IT, you must have heard about the impressive and tremendous growth of the programming language python. Well, if you haven’t then here is the guide to help you. This is going to be a quick and short learning guide geared towards the striking growth of programming language- Python.

So fasten up your seat belts as we are going to dive into the study of Python’s growth and would be looking at its development form the perspective of expert writers.

First, let us have a quick glance at what Python is?

Python is basically an interpreted high-level, general-purpose programming language that has now taken over almost all the industries of technology.

This groundbreaking language is right now being use for the development of the websites and for the machine learning as well. In the industry of artificial intelligence and operating system, everything is now based on python. Mobile application development for all the platform and video games development is also relying on python- the master!

Since python is simple and easy to learn with the syntax and is focused on the readability, this reduces the cost of the program maintenance and make this language an affordable option to design the programs.

Some great names from the market that are using python includes; Intel, IBM, NASA, Pixar, Netflix, Facebook, JP Morgan Chase, and Spotify. Google’s YouTube is also largely written in Python. Even, the four main languages at Google also include python!

This showcases the brightest future of python developers as well! Among the fastest growing programming languages, python tops the chart every time!


Python is considered to be the best programming language for the machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the past 5 years, this language has beaten all the other programming languages and now ruling the tech-industry like a boss!

I am now going to break down some vital facts about python language and its rapid development among the developers. This is what I have learnt from the expert writers and researchers since I love to read the blogs.

The group of expert researchers from the service of thesis writing penned in their latest research, python has grown tremendously due to its basic syntax and easy to learn feature- well, this is what the truth is! Python is the only programming language that is easy to learn and use for all the beginners and developers.

An individual can quick practice by changing the code base of python because this is an interpreted language- making it the top class choice of the developers.

Python is also considere to be the only programming language that is having a mature and supportive python community. Any other language has never seen a boost like this! Although, python was created more than 30 years ago still, it stands tall among the developer first choice.

Another big reason behind the climb of the python is its support from the renowned corporate sponsors. Just like; PHP is backed by Facebook, Java is supported by Oracle and Sun, Visual Basic and C# by Microsoft, Python stands here like a boss getting a backup from Amazon, Facebook, and especially the giant Google.


There are hundreds of libraries and frameworks of python! The libraries are also focused for the NLTK for natural language that is necessary for AI and ML.

Professional researcher from assignment maker emphasized, Python is becoming the future leader of programming languages due to its four core features; versatility, efficiency, reliability, and speed! Every single feature is not only remarkable for the developers and python wins the race from other programming languages.

From the development of excellent mobile applications, desktop applications, web development, and hardware programming, python is versatile enough to design all of them!

The hottest trends in the computer and IT sector; cloud computing, machine learning, IoT, Big Data, and Ai, all these trends are getting help from the python. This language is the second most popular tool that is used after the R language for data science and analytics.

For computer visions and machine learning projects, python is the greatest help.

First class language

As I said, python is the first class language for all the developer out there. The educational systems should include python in the beginners learning for the computer students. Python is right now in demand in the development market and this would continue to do so for the next 20 to 30 years.

Since the language is versatile so it is not going to go away completely ever! The flexibility of python is also giving it a clear edge among other programing languages. The freedom of developing any application is quite amazing.

Deep learning, data science, IoT, artificial intelligence, machine learning; python is gaining attention in schools and academics as well. The language can also help in the automation of the tasks and can make the complex things comfortable!

This must not be wrong if I would say that python is an all-rounder and is boosting the IT development sector rapidly!


The above mentioned reasons are showcasing that why and how python is growing with a supersonic speed in the IT development sector. Python is super easy to learn. You can go for the online courses of Python learning offered by Udemy and Coursera. The upcoming era is surely going to be bright for the python developers and python itself!

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