5 Most Attractive Beard Styles for Men in 2021

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Growing your beard and making it stylish is a popular trend from the past few decades. And this trend will continue in 2012 as well but how can you make your beard fuller and darker? However, growing your beard long is not an easy task but you can make it possible with ultimate tips and routine that helps to make your beard grow faster. When you have dense beard, it is quite easy to groom and style it with your possible efforts. In 2021, there are a lot of options for beard styles for men in which we have covered up 5 most attractive styles for men these days.

1. Long beard 

Growing a long beard styles is the most hardest thing to do. It requires more maintenance and pampering than a normal beard. Using the right products and routine are must for this including beard oil, conditioner and beard comb. Grow the beard at the peak of your personal beard length. You should use a trimmer to regularly trim the beard so that it stay maintained. Comb your beard first and trim when beard gets dry. It’s normal that your beard gets patchy at first but later when beard grow continuously it will get filled up. 

You can use a blow dryer to dry your hair on a cool setting. If you have a round face then this beard style suits you more since it elongates the face. Angular and slim jaws can be softened and rounded by keeping the sides longer. 

2. Short beard

Neat and short beard styles suit most of the face shapes is that it enhance best features and make it perfect. If you have a round face shape, you should reduce the length of the sides of your face so that your face get elongated. However, if you have a thin and narrow face then leave the sides a bit longer. Unlike long beard, short beard is a precise style that requires a trimmer to keep your beard best and tidy. Make your beard grow to 1-2 cm by keeping the beard clean with the help of a beard trimmer. 

Use a wet razor to rob the unnecessary hair on the cheeks and make your lower neck clean. You can end the beard growth after the natural line of the jaw instead of the big jawline. 

3. Beardstache

This beard style is in between long beard and stubble beard style. This moustache is longer and fuller than the rest of the hair. It Is a perfect mix of moustache and beard that defines masculinity. This style works well on most face shapes that require thick hair growth and a wider area between the nose and upper lip. Maintaining beard and moustache both is such a difficult task to do. This look can be designed from the start of a full beard and from subtle around your upper lip to longer growth.

You can use a beard trimmer to keep the hair around your chin and cheeks at a sublet and fine length around your lip to grow longer from scratch. Keep the stache part detangled and maintain a decent moustache with comb.

4. Stubble

From 1930 stubble beard style was on the trend making the men handsome and masculine. It is widely accepted that halfway houses are clean and rocking with a full-on Steve beard style. In research it is proven that women like men who have subtle beards and it might let you know that women find it sexier with a few days of beard growth. This style is perfect for those who have baby faces and a sprinkle of stubble style adds maturity and masculinity. 

Stubble beard is ideal for weak jaws to look stronger and provides perfection to hide acne scars and pigmentation. Keep it neat and tidy as this looks like a charm. Keep your eye on the length of the beard as it is short or long. 3-4 days are worth for optimum growth of this beard.

5. Goatee

Goatee is a go to style for Rockstars, intellectuals and for wayward streaks. This essentially refers to the style featuring the hair above the upper lip and the chin only. It is associated with creating a frame for the mouth. Big on style and short on effort is the choice for a bad boy’s beard for adding a little edge to your look. If you are struggling with growing a long and big beard then this is a perfect alternative for you.

This looks ideal on slim and sharp faces that make your face shape good and can make a round face look slightly slimmer. You should allow your beard length to feel comfortable with and maintain this with a trimmer. Use a trimmer combining blade to trim so they sit or just above the edge of the upper lip and trim from the sides.

Bottom line

So, these are 5 most popular and trending beard styles for men to try out in 2021. Along with these, there are more styles that can make your facial appearance more pleasing and attractive. Moustaches and full beards are the most common ones that are generally seen on normal days. So, which beard style is your favourite?

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