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I watched “Mount Everest” on the flight to Singapore, and I burst into tears and saw all the magnificent places in real life that we saw when we walked to the base camp of Mount Everest last November. We have been here for six months, but it still feels long, even for many years. Today, when we were driving through India, I watched Kathmandu on TV from time to time. The beauty of the Himalayas alone is a quick trip. When I looked forward, I saw something from our trip to Everest Base Camp. We did not do was because no one told us in advance. However, we will teach you now.

 1. Use Diamox to hike the Everest base!

 Before starting my EBC trip, I was afraid of altitude. Even if I am a fan of Fisher’s famous quote, it is a height, not a height. rich. rich. We discovered before leaving and a week and a half before going to Nepal that I was suffering from very serious bronchitis.

 I am going to see a terrible doctor. In the future, he not only recommended prednisone and antibiotics to me, but also gave me Diamox, a treatment that has an altitude effect. No, I don’t want to, so I think I should hug them. He told me to take two capsules a day if I needed it. However, when we got to Lukla, our guide from Jangbu asked us if we would consider taking Diamox. I told him if I wanted ten pills, but he said you knew it was too late for you to need them.

 Diamox should be used to suppress altitude conditions, not to relieve symptoms. I am skeptical because I don’t necessarily want to use my bronchitis medicine to bring pain to my body. However, if I don’t accept it and can’t make it to base camp, I’ll always feel guilty. So I want to take them from Namche Bazar at 3,440m.

 I don’t know if it’s from Diamox or other conditions, but for a second, the altitude didn’t make us feel uncomfortable. Of course, we occasionally have headaches, and most of the time we have shortness of breath, but this cannot be prevented. However, when we see that others feel bad, we never feel sick or sick. If I followed your doctor’s advice, if possible, I may not have reached Everest Base Camp trek or completed my EBC trip.

 However, if you are going to EBC on foot, please consult your guide or local pharmacy for the correct approach. You cannot say what is best for us, because we are not doctors. In 10 days, we finally ate ten pills, so one pill a day, half a day before going to bed in the morning. Of course, there are many side effects, one of which is the choice of bones, you should know. It was my hand, but finally, I dragged my feet, wrists, ears, fingers, and sides of my body to tell myself that it was my doctor. I did it. Nothing, but very annoying and scary because you don’t know what happened.

 2. Bring enough tissues!

 On the way to Everest base camp, there are things to sell, but there is a charge. One blows through the nose, it has been torn. Since my nose still runs when I walk, I really don’t like it and there is no fabric. Of course, this is unexpected, but the ones I bought are quite expensive. If you want to rent a porter to store your luggage, I highly recommend adding additional fabric. Wet wipes can be very convenient too!

 3. Wi-Fi is for sale everywhere!

 We have written this article on different websites, but almost all theaters have open wireless Internet services. Of course it is expensive, but in some places, it is not as expensive as we expected and it is quite fast. If the hotel does not have Wi-Fi, you can purchase Everest Link Carte to update your social media pages. Before we wrote the full article on wireless access at Everest Base Camp, I couldn’t find much information on the internet and how much it cost.

 4. The bakery is the worst enemy!

 The main mistake we make is going to the bakery and not eating new products. After three days of walking and eating teak rice, we have several shops and bars in Namche Bazar. We have been there. We heard good stories from the local bakery and wanted to find a piece of cake, but each of us got a good cake (I have to admit) (I have to admit).

 However, the day after I got sick, our guide asked if we were at the bakery. When we were deciding, he looked at us, scared us and told us that he could be poisoned. In those years, bakeries were famous for keeping food out of the refrigerator, so you can finally eat food that tastes good but also contains a lot of bacteria.

 5. EBC will raise interest rates soon!

 Did not warn us. I want to know why you told your clients your answer, but no one believed you. I was not alert. People look at Western products and think they are comfortable to eat, but they will not immediately decline. We recommend that you go to the bakery, but ask if your food is fresh. If it is not, you cannot accept it, even if it sounds sacred. I finally hid among the rocks and bushes for almost a week during the hike. You know, that’s it…

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