Throwback Style: Embracing the Retro Vibes with Mullet Costume Ideas

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The mullet has become popular in recent years. The hairstyle is a unique one which includes long hair present at the back whilst the front along with sides get covered with short hair. The mullet is thought to be an iconic look as it is connected with the 1980s hairstyle. Therefore if you are looking for a throwback style, mullet costume ideas can be considered. The mullet wig is associated with the eighties. This look is the ultimate one for those who wish to capture the look of this retro period. You can recreate this nostalgic look with style. 

If you are interested in embracing the retro vibes with exciting mullet costume ideas, continue reading on:

What actually is a mullet?

A mullet is a popular men’s hairstyle which was present during the eighties. This was the time of the golden age. As said above, the nostalgic hairdo will combine medium hair on top and short hair at the front plus sides. The hair will have a longer look present at the back. 

If you want to consider mullet costume ideas, you can get different styles of this hairdo. This can include crimped and frizzy or curly and bouffant. You can pair this hairstyle with clothing that was popular in the eighties. 

You may wish to dress like some famous mullet-wearing celebrity of this time or want to use this hairstyle with a unique costume concept. Many ideas are present that you can choose from.

Celebrity inspired costumes

When looking at mullet costume ideas, you can consider dressing up like famous celebrities who have this hairdo. 

You can for instance consider Billy Ray Cyrus who is a country singer. To follow his style, you can wear some denim shirt, jeans, cowboy hat, as well as cowboy boots. With this wear a brown mullet wig and take a guitar prop with you. 

Wear a red mullet wig if you want to follow David Bowie Emulate’s Ziggy Stardust Persona. Wear some colorful makeup having a lightning bolt present across your face. You can wear a glam rock outfit with some platform boots. 

Pay tribute to the famous Dirty Dancing character, Patrick Swayze by dressing up like him. Wear some black tank top, black dance shoes, as well as black pants. Pair this with a brown mullet wig.

Become a tennis legend like Andre Agassi by wearing a fun neon-colored tracksuit or some tennis attire, white headband, along with a blonde mullet wig. 

John Stamos is popular for his mullet hairstyle. Get an angry look created wearing the mullet in his style. 

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1980s characters

Due to the fact that the 1980s was the era of the mullet hairstyle, you can get many mullet costume ideas from here. This time is a good time to get inspiration from. 

Opt for the glam metal aesthetic with some leather jacket or even vest, tight pants, a band t-shirt, as well as much studded accessories. Wear a mullet wig with some bold makeup to get an authentic 80s look. 

To get a 80s workout instructor look, wear a brightly colored bodysuit, leggings, with a sweatband. This can be worn with a curly mullet wig along with white sneakers. 

Relive high school days by wearing a vintage tuxedo with ruffled shirts and get the 80s prom King look. A classic mullet wig will look good here. 

Unique mullet costume ideas

It is fun to combine a mullet hairstyle with some other costume concepts to get a unique and humorous look. 

Something exciting will be to create a mullet mermaid or merman look. This will give you an underwater creature having a 80s twist to it. You can wear a mermaid tail or some trident-adorned leggings. Pair this with a seashell or even fish scale top. A colorful mullet wig will be suitable here. 

Mullet costume ideas can encompass becoming a mullet superhero. Choose what superhero you want to be then give them a 80s makeover. You can add a mullet wig with the signature costume that they wear. You can dress up like Superman, Wonder Women, etc. By wearing a mullet, you can get a fun twist to their original look. 

Become a mullet time traveler by creating a character who is wearing different elements of fashion present from different decades whilst keeping the mullet hairstyle. Here you can intermingle clothing along with accessories from various eras. 

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There are many mullet costume ideas that you can choose from to get a unique and exciting 80s look. This hairdo can be paired with some outfit and accessories to create the look you are aiming for. This look is a good one to choose from Halloween as it can give you a look that will impress. You can pair the mullet hairstyle with any character and get a look that will scream retro vibes and take everyone back to the golden age of the 80s. 

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