The best devices for a long game

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When it comes to long and comfortable gaming, it all comes down not only to good gaming hardware and software, but also to various devices that simplify the gameplay and give additional comfort to the player.

Today we will discuss a list of devices for good long-term gaming, so that the player only has to adjust the graphics and buy cheap wow classic gold

What will help to extend the gaming session:

  • gaming chair
  • Comfortable mouse pad
  • Headset
  • Second monitor

Gaming chair

It is anatomically difficult for any person to sit in a chair for a long time due to the characteristics of the body, but a good gaming chair solves this problem to a greater extent.

If the chair is made of good materials, then it is comfortable to sit on it for a long time. An additional pillow under the neck relieves stress, and you can always lay your head down and relax in between difficult matches and raids.

All seats come with a lumbar pillow. It is undesirable to remove it – it fixes the lower back and does not allow it to bend. This reduces the overall load and relaxes the lower back. The player is focused on the game, and the chair plays the role of an immovable massager – supporting all the important parts of the human body.

Of the pluses – all the chairs recline back, and you can always just lie down and relax while the character is pumped into the World of Warcraft, or there is a selection of players in a CS:GO match.

Comfortable mouse pad

A good mouse pad is made of quality materials and the mouse glides smoothly over it. This helps to enjoy shooters and games where it is important to accurately hit the playing area in order to achieve a result.

The mat should be large and can be ordered in the style of your favorite game or team. Do you play WoW Classic? Please order the appropriate mat.

From the outside it may seem – how does the rug affect comfort? When the mouse moves tactility smoothly over the surface, it adds aesthetics to the sensations, and when the player has to repeat these movements a thousand times a day, the difference will be noticeable very quickly.


To spend a lot of time at the computer with pleasure, you need a good soundtrack. In the ideal version – with excellent sound insulation. To stay 1 on 1 with a game atmosphere.

Fortunately, there are a lot of headphones with good ergonomics, comfortable and high-quality sound.

What we need:

  1. Comfortable ear cushion materials – leather or a good leather substitute
  2. Quality sound – virtual or real 7.1
  3. Microphone

Comfortable materials – no need to tell much to understand the quality of the materials. If the material of the headset is cheap, then the ears will start to sweat quickly, discomfort will arise, and the head will ache. Choose leather, or a good substitute. There are a lot of models with appropriate materials on the market in different price ranges.

Quality sound

It all depends on financial possibilities. Virtual 7.1 sound is achieved through the operation of the program and gives the player the effect of 7 speakers that are at different distances. A similar effect can be heard in movie theaters.

Real 7.1 is achieved due to the components of the headset itself and such headphones are much more expensive, but the sound is without technical echoes and is of better quality.


Should be directional and have an average sensitivity rating. If the microphone has a strong sensitivity, then it will catch the loudest sound source, and it can always be not the player himself, but the sounds from the street, which will prevent the interlocutor from hearing you. Weak sensitivity will not catch the player’s voice at all, or do it very badly.

Over time, you will come to a stationary microphone with a built-in sound card if you like good and clear sound, in other cases, the sound of a microphone from an average budget headset is enough for you to communicate.

Second monitor

Spending a lot of time playing does not always want to concentrate on it 100 percent. To change the vector of attention and rest from the game, a second monitor will help.

It does not have to be a top-end monitor from a serious brand with good hertz. It will most likely have a series, or YouTube with twitch, so it’s enough to take a model that supports a HD image from 1920×1080 pixels. There are many such monitors on the market at an affordable price.

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