Daniel Klibanoff – Build Your Business Successfully with Direct Marketing Strategies

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Building your business to make it a dominant presence in the market requires proper and careful planning. Your customers are your business’s pillars, so you need to send out the right marketing messages to them to lead conversions of the products/services you sell. Direct marketing is one effective way to reach out to your customer. In fact, every business should include direct marketing campaigns in their fundamental business strategies for establishing their companies and earning consistent revenue in the process!

Daniel Klibanoff – Starting with direct marketing for your business 

If you are new to direct marketing, you do not have to be worried about its costs. According to a direct marketing specialist and serial entrepreneur from Asheville, North Carolina, USA, Daniel Klibanoff, you need to build your direct marketing strategy in steps and customize the messages to meet the demands of the targeted customer. He goes on to explain that one must understand what direct marketing means in order to optimize it for business growth. This type of marketing involves emails, texts, and social media platforms. 

Understanding direct marketing and its significance for your business growth 

Direct marketing is the process of reaching out to the customers directly with your specific business message. You can use this form of marketing for your business to create brand awareness, sell products or services or gather leads. Direct marketing helps you establish your business faster as you communicate with the customers directly and invoke a response to take the desired action of the marketing campaign. 

Direct marketing is not the same as digital marketing 

Direct marketing differs from digital marketing that comes under indirect marketing. It does not have any middleman in the picture. For instance, in digital marketing like search engine optimization or online reviews, a third party is interacting with the targeted audience or impacting them to decide whether to buy from your company or not. In direct marketing, you are in charge without the need for any third party to do the translation for you. Direct marketing means you are communicating directly with the targeted audience. 

The evolution of direct marketing today 

Many people in the past often associated this form of marketing is the same as cold calling and junk mail. However, it has evolved drastically and now is less invasive in nature. According to Daniel Klibanoff, you can make direct marketing your biggest asset and use it both offline and online for your customer. In fact, your customer receives direct marketing strategies well if you can create the proper message for the targeted audience. 

One of the most powerful tools of direct marketing is social media, as it creates a community of people who build a relationship with the brand after a product or service is advertised on it. Social media marketing helps your company build customer relationships, execute business transactions, enhance brand awareness and invoke trust in your products/services. Users often buy a company’s product or service after they see it advertised on a social media platform. 

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