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Electronic medical records software brings patients to the forefront of healthcare professionals. Technology-driven products, such as Centricity EMR, help physicians automate the entire management of their patients. They are also designed to help medical experts automate other aspects of care like managing outreach programs and clinical protocols. Providers can easily stay on top of patient needs and improve the overall workflow efficiency of their practice. Now let’s move forward to talk about the features & benefits of Centricity EMR.

Centricity EMR Software – An Overview

GE Centricity EMR software offers a feature-packed electronic health recording platform for larger ambulatory medical practices. The software aims to deliver healthcare personalized to each patient’s needs to promote better patient care outcomes. It supports seamless integration with practice management and revenue cycle management systems to streamline your day-to-day administrative tasks. Thousands of hospitals and healthcare setups all around the world rely on this product to boost productivity and gain ongoing visibility into efficiency.

The EMR platform aims to work on Quality Treatment by offering tailor-fit solutions to each user. It enables healthcare facilities to smooth out day-to-day tasks and increase revenue. Neurology, cardiology, electrophysiology, breast health, and oncology are among the specialties that are supported. Centricity also supports seamless integration with a variety of medical devices and medical imaging systems. In addition, it combines clinical and financial management and can be used on mobile devices and tablets so providers and practice staff can carry a patient’s healthcare information and update them on the go. In this piece, we will discuss the key features of Centricity medical software. We will also go about Centricity EMR reviews and benefits. You can also book a Centricity EMR demo to try out the software’s features in real-time.

Top Features Mentioned In Centricity EMR Reviews

This EHR software offers a robust suite of features that help practitioners streamline their daily time-consuming tasks. Here we tracked down the Centricity EMR features that have received multiple positive mentions from users:

Clinical Documentation

Patient charting and clinical documentation have never been easier thanks to the robust feature of Centricity software. It supports clinical files and all the other essential documentation components. The software’s dictation and voice recognition capabilities further simplify the process of entering patient information. This is ideal for providers who are always busy and can’t spend hours documenting information. The function is integrated into the EMR software to facilitate healthcare professionals with patient information tracking. This feature alone makes the Centricity EMR pricing worth it.

Powerful Communication Tools

Another highly appreciated aspect of this software solution is its excellent communication tools. You can see for yourself how amazing these tools are by simply booking a Centricity EMR demo. The application includes an e-messenger to help you communicate with your patients in real-time. It also tracks and stores your interactions with them in a centralized location. Overall, Centricity software comes with a variety of useful features that improve patient engagement, practice management, and revenue collections.

Easy Referrals  

Quick referral generation is a crucial aspect for every healthcare provider. This process usually requires a lot of time and manual labor, but Centricity EMR software allows you to make referrals in just a few seconds. This saves a great deal of time for both you and your patients as you don’t have to go through the hassle of referring them to some other provider and confirm their availability within seconds. The referrals feature has also received multiple positive mentions in Centricity EHR reviews.

Customizable Templates

Custom templates are a must-have for every healthcare provider. If your EMR software includes pre-built templates that can be customized, you can easily meet your specific specialty requirements. With Centricity, you can get patient information templates that are relevant to your field of expertise. It offers a wide variety of custom templates to meet the needs of various specialties. You can easily choose a pre-built template and alter it to suit your workflows. Booking a Centricity EMR demo to understand whether the software matches your requirements is a great idea to make sure the templates are included for your medical specialty.

Mobile App

Users laud the GE Centricity software for its user-friendly smartphone app. You don’t have to stay confined to your office in order to access the software. Healthcare providers can easily gain access to a patient’s information, enabling them to quickly go through their medical history and provider care on the go. Over, it gives users more autonomy over their data.

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Why do providers love GE Centricity?

Healthcare providers can tailor this software solution according to their unique workflows and preferences. They can practice healthcare in their preferred method and document faster while personalizing their workflows to increase productivity. Centricity EHR reviews also vouch for the fact the software offers all the tools for physicians to stay on top of patient needs and improve healthcare outcomes. The EHR software also supports full integration with Centricity’s revenue cycle management and practice management systems in addition to a number of third-party tools and solutions. Overall, the Health IT product has been rated very well. It has received perfect-starred ratings from users on most websites. Users appreciate how the software strikes a perfect balance between ease of use and functionality.


Wrapping up

GE Centricity EMR software offers a highly customizable electronic medical records solution. It offers a bunch of powerful features to help healthcare practitioners improve overall productivity, while daily practice workflows and delivering the best possible quality of patient care. The vendor offers easy-to-use features, robust billing tools, and specialty-specific content. It is flexible enough to adapt to your unique practice workflows and is an excellent EMR software choice for larger ambulatory medical facilities. In the end, we recommend reading as many Centricity user reviews as possible to determine whether the software matches your unique practice requirements.

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