7 beautiful bathroom design ideas

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The bathroom is an extra space, but plays a very important role in the home space. It is the place we use every day to relax, relieve stress and fatigue. The airy bathrooms with modern and clean space always attract investors. Today’s article will give you 7 beautiful bathroom design ideas with an airy, relaxing space with an easy-to-follow green layout.

1. Modern style bathroom design ideas with wooden wall

The first bathroom is designed in a modern style with a green space. A skylight is arranged to help provide natural light for this space. The dark brown wood color contrasts with the gray brick color to create an attraction for the space. Potted plants and small bamboo groves are arranged to make the space more beautiful and lively, creating the feeling of standing in the middle of a bamboo forest.

2. Bathroom design ideas by Middle Eastern style

Contemporary bathroom with a touch of Middle Eastern luxury through domed glass. Here, although there is no natural light source, the design compensates by adding downlight positions and reasonable lights, helping the space not to be cramped. Some additional small potted plants are also lovely accents for this bathroom space.

3. Garden in the best of bathroom design ideas

The construction of the garden outside the bathroom with open space creates a wonderful and refreshing experience. Take a look at the glass walls with a very luxurious design, in addition to creating aesthetics this glass wall will help prevent rainwater from entering the bathroom. The overall design of the bathroom uses brown tones as the main color for a natural and close look.

4. Bathroom design ideas with small tree corner

A small corner in the house is designed with a very delicate round tub with the presence of small potted plants. The bathroom space is very airy thanks to the arrangement next to the large glass window, taking advantage of the natural light source.

5. Modern style bathroom design ideas with a small spa area

This bathroom is very attractive with spacious space, bright colors and comfort. The light brown brick wall also makes you feel clean and easy to clean. With a floor plan with white pebbles scattered on both sides, the room has a quiet feeling when combined with green trees and natural light from the skylight.

6. Green corner on the basin

The room is modern with dark brown color, combined very well with light wood furniture and green layout. Natural light is provided through the sliding glass doors, so the bathroom is very airy. Using a stone wall for the bathroom space creates luxury and is also very convenient in keeping the room clean.

7. Bathroom with nature around

This bathtub nook gives the impression of using a bright orange wall, giving us the feeling of being in a resort. Another interesting point here is the arrangement of surrounding trees, from small shrubs to tall trees, just like a small garden right in the house!

Some ideas on how to arrange shelves in the bathroom to save space

1. Industrial style wooden shelf

You can use black iron pipes to hold the shelves in to create a rustic look for a small bathroom without spending too much money. Use recycled wood to get the most out of it. Combined with neutral colors brings a sense of luxury and peace to the bathroom.

2. Shelves for hanging leather straps

The leather straps will hold and support the wooden shelf. You can even customize the length of the wooden shelf to suit the room and its intended use. Apply a waterproof layer to the leather band because the humidity in the bathroom is very high

3. Overhead shelf

The upper shelves are great for small spaces. Because they allow you to store less frequently used items like toilet paper or towels without cluttering the room. Toss cleaning supplies on this hidden shelf – don’t forget to bring them down from time to time.

4. Horizontal shelf

This gorgeous bathroom utilizes a slim shelf just above the wallpaper. This shelf can be a place to place decorations such as plants or flowers or cosmetics and other necessary items.

5. Multi-function shelf

This square shelf is perfect for small spaces. It creates more space, helping you to store everything. There is also a wooden bar underneath to hold face towels or handkerchiefs.

6. Unique toilet paper shelf

The toilet paper holder helps us make use of every centimeter of space, enough to put a phone, toilet paper or display a baby aloe vera pot.

7. Shelves close to the shower

This is the perfect shelf to hold all your shampoos, body washes and small bathroom essentials.

8. Tilted shelf

Just because you don’t have a large bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t install a freestanding shelf. This slanted toilet seat is rustic, beautiful, and practical.

9. Folding Shelves

A folding shelf is a perfect solution for small bathrooms that don’t have storage or vanity. This minimalist shelf can be folded and stored away when not in use, helping to store your valuables. The shelf acts as a folding vanity, ironing board or any other surface that you don’t need every day!

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