Xresolver Review – Can Xresolver Permanently Blacklist Your IP Address?

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Xresolver is a database service that parses gamertags and player IDs. This service can save your IP address and blacklist it permanently. There are also premium services that claim to permanently blacklist your IP address. I’ll discuss these in this article. In addition to parsing gamertags, Xresolver also offers geo-IP lookup service. These services can extract information about a user’s location, operating Browser, and much more.

Xresolver is a database service that parses gamertags and player IDs

Xresolver is a database that parses gamertags and player ID addresses. This service logs these details and makes them publicly available. Some people have expressed concerns that this can lead to bullying and revenge, but this service has no such intentions. It stores publicly available information about gamers, including IP addresses and Gamertags, as well as their online profiles.

The database is a central point for the flood of information on gamertags and player IDs. The database is comprised of gamers, hackers, and privacy issues. In addition to revealing information, It also aims to promote online safety and privacy. By parsing Gamertags, this service also helps people identify and block other players.

Free to download

It is free to download, but you must sign up with your email id to use the premium version. It is an open-source network monitoring tool that stores Gamertags and IP addresses. You can use it offline or online. For an alternative, you can try Lance Remastered PCPS. It is an IP logger for gamers and is compatible with most browsers.

If you’re worried about your Gamertag, there’s no need to worry. Lanc Remastered PCPS has many features to help you find Gamertags. This IP puller is free and easy to use. It has an updated database and is regularly updated. It’s the most reliable alternative to xresolver. But if you’re not comfortable with using xresolver, there are other options that can help you find the Gamertag you’re looking for.

The xresolver website has changed. While the xresolver database still exists, the service has added more features and a new website. If you want to use this service, make sure you register first. Just remember that it’s still free, so it’s worth the few dollars it costs to register. You can also use it to find a gamer’s IP address.

Uses advanced algorithms

It is an excellent choice for personal monitoring or packet identification. It uses advanced algorithms and supports dual networks, Wi-Fi, and Lane 6 to track secure protocols. You can also use it to search gamertags and see what kind of content other people have shared. This service supports the Xbox console, Xbox, and even Game DVR content. The software also displays information like IP address, country, and ISP.

It works by capturing a player’s IP address, gamertag, geolocation, and Internet Service Provider. By doing so, it will reduce the number of instances of hacking. It has an advanced algorithm that captures essential IP addresses. The service will also give you a service to remove your IP address from your Xbox account for a long time.

It allows users to save their IP addresses

There is a way to hide your IP address online. This website allows users to save up to 100 IP addresses for later use. It is possible to keep your IP address private for as long as you want, but the data will be automatically deleted after three months of inactivity. However, you must be careful about your privacy online. It is not a tool you should use to hack into another person’s system.

In order to use xresolver, you must first register at the official website. Once you’re registered, you’ll be given a link to enter your IP address and username. You’ll need to validate your username and IP address before you can continue. Once you’ve registered, you’ll be able to use the software. Once you’ve done so, you’re ready to begin your journey of saving your IP address and preventing others from using your IP.

However, many users of xresolver find the service to be unreliable. It stores the IP addresses of gamers as well as the relationship between their Gamertags and their online profiles. Some users have even gone so far as to use the software for revenge or bullying. While the service is useful for protecting gamers from spam, viruses, and other threats, the downside is that it can also expose your online identity and personal information.


This website offers a free version and a premium version. Neither is illegal but does require that you pay for a premium package. The software has extensive user guides and is easy to install and operate. You can also use xresolver offline. If you don’t have a computer or smartphone, you can also use Bootyou, which has a website-based IP logger. Despite its simplicity, it’s best to have a reliable and secure IP logger on your computer.

The Xbox resolver also lets you record your gameplay on your computer. You can also play PC games on the console and access system screen recording features. But with its over 20 million entries, It is open to booters and other users trying to steal your private data. While it is perfectly legal to list information on public websites, you must ensure that it’s used correctly. You can protect yourself by following its recommended guidelines.

Its software is easy to use and can be used to identify your opponent’s IP address on the dark web. All it takes is a few minutes to identify your opponent. When you’ve identified your opponent, simply click the resolve button and see their IP address and gamer tag. Another handy feature is its ability to blacklist your opponent to prevent them from seeing your personal information.

Permanently blacklist a user’s IP address

While the free version of xresolver does not permanently blacklist a user’s IP, it can block many IPs for a limited period of time. The service offers two accounts, a premium one and a free one. Premium accounts offer unlimited space and are ideal for scrapers. They do, however, require an additional fee for scraper protection. Premium users can also permanently blacklist one Gamertag at a time.

While video games are meant to be fun, some gamers have gotten a bit carried away and began using xresolver for revenge, bullying, and other antisocial behavior on the internet. This service records publicly available data about gaming IPs, connections, and profiles. The service can also block users from using their gamertag and profile information online.

The premium service also lets users store and view IP addresses and add notes to them. Its free service allows users to store up to 25 IPs, while premium members have unlimited storage space. Moreover, a premium member can permanently blacklist a user’s IP address. The service is free, but you may want to sign up for the premium service if you’re serious about protecting yourself against cyber spies.

It is a website that collects publicly available information on gamers’ IP addresses and Gamertags and makes the statistics available for viewing. It charges $7.99 per month, but you can cancel the service at any time. Payment is done via credit card, debit card, or cash app. This service is popular among gamers and has several features. For example, the website allows users to save up to 10 results and 100 results for later reference.

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