Why boss need an android spy app for his employees?

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Bosses seemingly are the happiest human beings. However, it does not ring the bell if I say they are always in depression when business productivity issues and lack revenue. Everything that is at stake makes a person desperate to do things well.  No one would like to destroy his business. In this post, we discuss when a boss needs an android spy app for his employees.

Top reasons that make a boss use android spy app

Here are the following circumstances when employers should employ monitoring software for android.

Time wasting activities of employees

More than 32% of the employees waste 3 to 4 hours during working hours worldwide. Employers could lose the productivity of a business, and they could face heavy losses due to the non-seriousness of employees. Employers have to measure the productivity of the employees and cannot allow time-wasters to get paid for anything. Bosses should use android spying software when they realize that employees are not investing 8 working hours to the fullest while working in the office.

Stealing of intellectual property of a business

We all know that online attacks and data breaches within business enterprises are on the rise that can sweep the business data at any point in time. There is plenty of malware, business scams, and disgruntled employees who can steal your business data at a time for lucrative reasons. Employers have to keep an eye on employee’s activities to the fullest. There is no better option for employers to bring an android spy app at their disposal and install it on business-owned cellphones and tablets connected to cyberspace.

Employees working remotely

During the pandemic, most of the companies turned to remote work. It may reduce the spread, but it has raised plenty of questions on the employee’s working habits. There are plenty of incidents in which employees were involved for more than two companies at the same time. It decreases work quality. Employers should know about the GPS location of the employees during working hours and monitor keystrokes. You can track your employee’s GPS location, location history, and real-time location with keystrokes using cell phone spy software.

Email monitoring

Email spy has become a norm worldwide in business organizations. It enables employers to know what kind of emails the customer support center is sending and receiving. It is necessary for employers to know about the source and nature of sent and received emails. Emails can boost your business reputation, but they can damage as well.  Therefore, you need to spy on business emails active on android devices to protect business reputation and data breaching activities via email scams. Hackers can send email scams and malware via malicious links on business devices.

 These are the top reasons that could force bosses to use employee monitoring software for android. Let’s get to know about it and how to use it on business android devices.

What is android spying software?

It is an application and one of the popular pieces of software that empower you to monitor and track cellphone and tablet devices connected to cyberspace. You need physical access on the target device of your employees and activate it to know what they are doing business devices. The application is fascinating for bosses because it is hidden and undetectable on the target device. Further, you don’t need to put your business safety at stake by rooting. It is a non-rooted spy app for android that empowers you to monitor and track business devices to the fullest.

A powerful feature of android spy that monitor employees secretly

Call recording

Employers can get access to the target phone and record live cellphone calls incoming and outgoing and send the data to the web control panel. Employers can listen to the live employee’s calls and get to know what they are talking about with the clients during working hours.

Screen recording

Users can record phone screens in real-time using live screen recorder. It accesses the phone screen remotely and records back-to-back videos of the android screen that you can watch live via the dashboard. Bosses can watch the live activities of employees during working hours to prevent data breaches and inappropriate activities of employees.


Employers can catch screenshots of android phones and tablets that enable you to know about the activities of your employees during working hours and you can measure employee’s productivity.

Email spy

Users can track and spy on emails sent and received on the behalf of a business organization. It enables users to know how employees are dealing with the clients and what the response of your clients is.

GPs tracking

GPS location monitoring enables employers to know about the exact and current location of the employees during working hours. Boss can watch location history and you can be allowed and forbidden zones for employees.


Employers can use android spy software to prevent data breaches, time-wasting, email spy, and many more. It will boost your business to the fullest.

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