What You Need To Know About Nonwoven Fabric Manufacturer

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A nonwoven fabric manufacturer can produce a wide variety of products that are used for various applications. These products are used in many industries. Among them are nonwovens, which are used in automobiles and other products. The technology that creates nonwovens has changed the way we live. It has made cars more affordable for the common man and helped the Wright brothers glide a plane over 1000 miles in hours. There are literally hundreds of different types of nonwoven products.

TWE Group

The TWE Group is a nonwoven fabric manufacturer based in Emsdetten, Germany. The company started producing nonwovens in 1961 and now employs more than 1300 people in more than 40 countries. It has 17 production facilities in Europe, China and India. Its portfolio of products spans many industries including filtration, automotive interiors, hygiene, construction, and energy and environmental protection. In 2017, the group had consolidated revenues of more than $500 million.

The demand for nonwoven fabrics in the automotive sector is driven by environmental requirements and sustainability. Several new technologies are being developed for motor vehicle interiors. The TWE Group is spearheading a major project to develop switchable nonwoven surfaces and functionalities. The project is named NGF 2.0 and is a collaborative effort with the North Rhine-Westphalia State.

The global non-woven fabric market is fragmented and consolidated, with the top six companies holding over 22% of market share in 2019. Some of the major players include DuPont, Berry Global, Ahlstrom-Munksjo, Freudenberg, Johns Manville, and TWE Group.

Nonwoven fabrics are used in a wide range of applications, including hygiene and construction. They are more durable and resistant to liquids than woven fabrics. They can be manufactured with a large range of targeted properties. Nonwoven fabrics are also faster to produce than knitted fabrics.

Freudenberg Performance Materials

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a non-woven fabric manufacturer that specializes in a variety of industries. They produce products for the automotive, energy, and healthcare industries. Their portfolio includes nonwoven fabrics used in fuel cells, window cloth, and cargo covers. This company is dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to its clients, as well as to advancing the science of nonwovens.

Freudenberg Performance Materials is a leading global supplier of technical textiles. It has a diverse customer base, including small, medium, and large companies. Freudenberg has a global presence and more than 3,600 associates. The company has a history of developing and manufacturing innovative technical textiles and products that deliver exceptional value to its partners.

Freudenberg is a global leader in nonwoven fabrics. The company has a diverse range of products, including spunbond, microfibre, and interlining. It also produces processing tips. This company is based in Germany. Its nonwoven products are used in a variety of industries, including medical technology processing.

Freudenberg has recently sold its South American hygiene nonwoven business to Brazilian nonwoven specialist Fitesa. The move is a good opportunity for the company to continue growing and diversifying its nonwoven business. The deal will allow Freudenberg to focus on nonwovens for the global hygiene market. Freudenberg has been successful with its nonwoven products in the South American market since 1985, but this market has shifted from a regional to a global one in recent years.

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