What Are The Best Glock 9mm Models?

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So, you need to get a Glock 9mm. Which one is excellent? Well, that relies upon an entire lot on what you are going to use it for. All Glocks are correct, however a few are correct for a few functions and a few are higher for others.

If it is hard to bring you need, there are numerous Glock 9mm compact fashions which are ideal for it. If you need a selection gun or opposition gun, there are higher picks for that.

So, with that stated, right here are the 7 excellent Glock 9mm fashions available:

Glock 26: The Original Glock 9mm Compact

The Baby Glock, the Glock 26, turned into the primary of the foremost Glock 9mm compact pistols mainly for the civilian market. It’s additionally pretty famous as a backup gun for regulation enforcement personnel.

The Glock 26, without difficulty the maximum famous Glock 9mm subcompact, is narrow, compact and really mild, making it clean to hide and keep on a day by day basis. It incorporates 10+1 rounds withinside the flush-in shape inventory mag; aftermarket prolonged variations can deliver that as much as 12+1 and a higher grip for people with large hands. However, what made the 26 well-known turned into taking pictures higher than its small length could suggest.

Today’s Glock 26 lineup consists of the traditional model, the streamlined Gen four and the deluxe Gen five version. Any one in all them could be exceptional in shape in a hid bring holster.

Glock 19: The Glock 9mm By Which Most Guns Are Judged

The Glock 19 wasn’t the primary Glock 9mm pistol, however it has emerged as THE Glock 9mm pistol via way of means of which maximum different weapons are judged. It is the same old via way of means of which others are measured, that is why it’s miles the unmarried maximum famous pistol available in the marketplace today.

The Glock 19 turned into the primary Glock 9mm compact. It turned into geared for his bring, however additionally for obligation use via way of means of plainclothes officers or police that desired a slimmer, easier-wearing gun for provider use. It has established itself in each role.

Small and mild sufficient for day by day bring, massive sufficient to paintings as an obligation gun, reliable, correct and retaining a beneficent 15+1 ability. You definitely could not move incorrectly with one.

The Original Glock 9mm: Glock 17

There’s something to be stated for the classics, and the Glock 17 is the only that commenced it all. Not simply the primary Glock 9mm, the primary Glock pistol. It is the primary gun they ever made, after Gaston Glock determined he’d be bored with making folding shovels. It was introduced…well, it clearly wasn’t the primary polymer-body gun, and now no longer even the primary polymer-frame striker-fired gun, however it’s miles truly one of the excellent to date.

The Glock 17 is firmly a provider pistol, with a 17-spherical ability and dimensions to match. However, a few humans insist on wearing not anything else and could bring one in an IWB holster.

That stated, you might not discover a higher domestic protection handgun or variety pistol.

Glock 19X:

You may study the Glock 19 X and suppose “With that prolonged grip and mag, it cannot be too clean to hide” or something. Actually, now no longer via means of as a great deal as you’ll suppose. The Glock 19 X stands simplest five.forty seven inches tall, which is not outdoor the norm for a whole lot of bring pistols. Plenty of oldsters available bring a Commander 1911 day by day and that is the top for that gun.

That more 0.forty eight inches of top additionally brings with it Glock 17 magazines and ability, which means 18 rounds on board with one withinside the pipe earlier than you slide the mag domestic. Since the 19X is constructed the use of the Glock 19 Gen five, you get the Glock Marksman Barrel – a match-grade, polygonal-rifled four.01-inch barrel – the grip stippling of the Gen five collection and – for folks who hate them – no extra of these pesky finger grooves.

That’s an entire lot of firepower in a small package.

Glock 9mm Single Stack: The Glock forty three

The simplest manner a few humans suppose the Glock 26 may want to get higher is that if it turned into a Glock 9mm unmarried stack. As it happens, they did: it is the Glock forty three.

It’s the maximum current addition to the Glock compact lineup, ideally suited for its bring and the CCW marketplace has taken to it like a duck to water. Handle one and you may see why. It’s ultra-narrow and mild, so it is clean to hold all day at the waistband, in an ankle holster or but you would possibly need to.

Capacity is 6+1, however prolonged magazines can deliver that as much as 8+1 if desired. You might not discover an extra snug hid Glock.

Glock 43X: A Bigger Glock nine Subcompact Is Better

The Glock forty three is exceptional and all…however the 43X is a bit higher. If you desired a Glock nine smaller than a 19, however larger than the forty three…the 43X takes the cake.

It fills the hand a bit higher than the forty three or the 26. It holds extra bullets. It’s simplest, approximately 1 cm wider and 1 cm taller than the same old forty three, so it is rarely the case that the raise in length will make it difficult to hide. With that, you get a far extra decent wearing ability (10+1) and higher sense withinside the hand, as we cited in our Glock 43X review.

The Glock 43X is made via means of including a brand new body and mag, which extends grip duration to five.04 inches with the mag inserted. The slide and barrel are the same, so duration stays unchanged at 6.06 inches, however the barely wider body (required to deal with Glock’s new Slim 01 mag design) brings average width to 1.1 inches. Unloaded weight – sans mag – is slightly modified at 16.four ounces. The 43X, of course, does acquire Glock’s new Silver PVD finish.

Shooting the 43X is extra satisfactory to shoot than the same old forty three as the marginally fatter grip lets in for a less assailable hold. You also can upload any of Glock’s manufacturing facilities to improve attractions in case you need. Sure, the Glock forty three is an exceptional pistol…however the 43X is only a little higher. Definitely one in all our favourite Glock nine pistols.

Glock 19C Gen4: Arguably The Ultimate Glock 9mm

The Glock 19C Gen4 may simply be the remaining Glock 9mm pistol. This has all of the bells and whistles you can possibly get, quick of having a purple dot established via way of means of the manufacturing facility.

Glock’s modular back straps are blanketed with this Glock 9mm compact. You additionally get the extra refinements of the Gen4 trim level, however additionally with a ported barrel and body. With those additions, you get an extra snug gun it truly is capable of getting lower back on track like not anything else. If fast hearthplace is the call of the game, this can be the nearest you get to a Glock 18.

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