Various guidelines you should know while applying for a US visa

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The requirements for passport photos for your Visa would vary depending upon the US embassy you are applying from. Apart from that, the other reason the passport photos’ guidelines depend is the US visa. The images that you might require for Visa’s approval would be the digital or physical photographs. With physical photos, we mean that you might have to print the photos and then send them along with your visa application. For digital photos, you shall have to attach them online when you are submitting the Form DS-160 or DS-260. For more information regarding ‘passport photos near me, read on further. 

Passport Photos Requirements for your US Visa

Here is the basic criterion that your US visa photos should fulfill: 

  1. The size of the US visa photos should be 2 x 2 inches. The header area of the picture should be anywhere between 1 & 1 ⅜ inches. 
  2. Black and white photographs are not allowed. Thus, you must ensure that it is in color. 
  3. The photograph should not be more than 6 months old. 
  4. Having a plain white background is vital. 
  5. The photograph should not have any disturbing shadows. 
  6. The subject should be facing the camera. No side or back poses are allowed. 
  7. Both eyes should be open. 
  8. The applicant should have a neutral expression in the photograph. 
  9. The candidate in the photograph should not be wearing any uniform. Regular wear clothes would be preferable. 
  10. You should not be wearing any electronic devices. However, if you necessarily require hearing devices, that is preferable. 
  11. Wearing eyeglasses in the photograph is also prohibited unless you have any medical reasons. 

Requirements for the digital photo

Just in case the US Embassy has asked you to submit a notable digital photo online, there are some necessary requirements: 

  1. The overall size of the photograph should be 1200x1200pixels. 
  2. The photograph must be colored. 
  3. The photograph format should be prevalent in JPEG format. 
  4. The size of your passport photo should be less or equal to 240kb. 
  5. Just in case your photograph seems bigger than the required size, you can compress it. You will have to compress it to a notable ratio that is less than 20:1. 

Passport Photos requirements for an immigrant visa

Anyone who is considerably intending to apply for a US immigrant visa needs to follow a different criterion. He/she would have to submit two photographs in the form of a good quality paper. This photo-quality paper should meet the requisite US visa photo requirements. 

Passport Pictures requirements for Diversity Visa 

Those who are interested in applying for the Diversity Visa (DV) will have to fulfill the below-mentioned requirements: 

  1. He/she shall have to upload a notable digital photo.
  2. It is very important that the photo is present in JPEG format. 
  3. The shape of the photograph should be square. On mentioning the dimensions, they should be 600×600 pixels. 
  4. The photo’s size should be 240kB. 

Anyone who wants to scan his/her physical photo should note that the photo must have 300 pixels per inch resolution. Once your Visa gets selected for the noteworthy Diversity Visa Program, the authority would ask you to bring more photos. Read more:

Where should you take your US visa passport photos?

If we mention the visa photo requirements, they are quite extensive and complex too. Thus, fulfilling them on your own stands as a very difficult task. For that, you would have to take some help from a professional. He /she should know the Visa’s photo procedure. So, nothing’s better than asking for professional photo services before submitting your application to the US embassy. Currently, there are plenty of professional services which can fulfill your visa photos’ needs. They would take care that your photos are satisfactorily meeting the guidelines set by the US Embassy. 

Whether you want to send physical or digital photos, these professionals would serve you in the finest possible manner. Yes, they might have a bit higher pricing for the same, but the investment is undoubtedly worth it. It’s because the embassy would most probably accept their photographs.  

Taking photographs from a camera with bad picture quality shall lead to rejection by the embassy! They need quality photographs, and you can only attain them from the experts in this field. Even if you are thinking of taking the photographs on your own, ensure that yours is a good quality camera. It should ensure that all the visa photo requirements are met with no shortcomings. Also, we would highly recommend you not to edit your photographs with any filters or computer software. Yes, you can use the photo editor to remove the red-eye effect since its presence is unacceptable by the embassy. 

US visa requirements for a baby or toddler

Are you also applying for a US visa for your baby or toddler? If yes, then there are certain key points to follow when it comes to their photos submission.

  1. None else except the baby should be in that picture. 
  2. The eyes of the baby should be open.
  3. There should be no shadows on your baby’s face. 
  4. Just lay your baby on a white sheet and take a photograph to get a white background. 


Applying for a US visa is not an easy task! You need to fulfill a lot of requirements. If you don’t want to delay your US visa’s processing, contact the best option while searching for ‘passport pictures near me.  Apart from the photographs, if you need any other help in your Visa’s applicaVisafeel free to contact My Tickets To India. Its experts are quite knowledgeable in this field. They would never leave even a single stone unturned to give you satisfactory services. Not only for visa applications, but you can also contact them for flight booking, travel planning, and accommodations’ booking deals. What are you waiting for? If you intend to plan your tour to the US, directly get in touch with My Tickets to India!

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