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Trino Marina’s real name is José Trinidad Marin. He was born in California, the USA, on February 15, 1964. People know Trino by his real name. José belongs to a Christian family. Moreover, they belong to a united heritage. However, before marrying Jenny Rivera (ex-wife), José Trinidad was an unknown name to the public. Jennie’s name is infamous in the media due to her fun, songwriting, and singing.

The couple always likes to keep their personal lives private after a relationship. Thus, there is really little information about the couple on the Internet. Jose Trinidad first encountered Jenny Rivera at the top academy when she was still a teenager.

Life of Trino Marin before meeting Jenny Rivera

Before meeting Jenny Rivera, Trino Marin worked at a Mexican-American cafe. The acting career of José Trinidad Marina was the only source of his income. Basically, Jose is from Mexico. And he has Mexican-American citizenship. His parents raised him in Mexico before permanently moving to the United States. The exact timing of his move to America is still unknown.

When Jenny and José started dating, he was unemployed. Marin worked various odd jobs to end his relationship with Rivera. When he was 22 years old, José was hired as an executive director at the American-Mexican Cafe. Later, he began to earn a decent income.

10 Interesting Facts About Jos Trinidad Marne

  1. Trino advised his woman to resume her education rather than stay at home alone. On the other hand, Rivera was happy and decided to make time for the kids and home. After that, this small dispute grew into a big controversy.
  2. Jose Trinidad Marin is also known as Jenny Rivera’s ex-husband.
  3. He was born in 1964. At the same time, he is now 56 years old. In addition, he celebrates his birthday on February 15 every year.
  4. Detailed information about the father, mother, and family of Jose Trinidad Marina is not mentioned in the media.
  5. Speaking of his family, his ex-wife is an American singer and actress. The couple first met at the top academy and married in 1984. The couple has two daughters and a son.
  6. José and Jenny part ways after learning the painful confirmation that José had raped his son Jackie and Chica and their mother-in-law, Rosie.
  7. He is currently in captivity because he physically and emotionally abused his son and relatives.
  8. There are no memoirs dedicated to him on Wikipedia. José Trinidad’s career information is not available online.
  9. He did not talk much about his education and qualifications. But looking at his accomplishments, he seems well educated.
  10. José Trinidad’s net worth details are not available. Either the details of income or the payment is also not handed over.

Trino Marin first love

He is an American by nationality. And he belongs to the white race. According to an interview with Trino, at the age of 15, he fell in love with Jenny Rivera. José Marin Trinidad proposed to Jenny (Dolores) Jenny at age 20, and they were married a few months later in 1984.

Moreover, at the age of 17, Jenny became pregnant with her first child. Rivera was still in high school when she gave birth to her first child. The couple has three children. In addition, their marriage broke up in 1992. There is no new information or press about the new woman José Marina Trinidad. He started his life again with his new partner, almost in Riverside County.

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