Top 6 reasons to get your child vaccinated!

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The bond between parents and their children is precious. Parents try to do what is best for them. An important part of parenthood is giving your child a healthy life. A Child Specialist in Lahore may suggest different vaccinations after your child is born. It helps children stay safe from serious and contagious diseases, such as polio and influenza. The best decision that you can make for your child is to get them vaccinated as per the doctor’s schedule.

Why should you vaccinate your child?

Vaccinations are safe

Vaccines go through stringent and lengthy reviews before they are given to children. It takes years to develop vaccines and they go through rigorous testing to ensure that it is fit for consumption. Getting a vaccination can be a bit painful, but its benefits are much more than any negatives of the vaccine.

Prevents several diseases

Immunization can save your child’s life by protecting them from diseases. Such preventable diseases include polio, measles, hepatitis B, rotavirus, etc. Some of these diseases can be potentially lethal for babies and can affect their overall quality of life. Due to vaccination, there has been a drastic decline in patients with diseases that are preventable by vaccines.

Protects others around you

Even though the diseases are preventable, some people may still get them. Newborn children or people with weak immune symptoms due to severe illness can still get these diseases. If the condition is contagious, getting a vaccine for it can save others around you from getting these diseases. Those with low immunity may have lethal consequences of getting a contagious disease.

Financially wise decision

Getting a disease may lead to additional leaves which may cause financial distress. Some preventable diseases may lead to a lifetime disability, hindering your ability to earn money. Additionally, it costs thousands and even millions to treat completely preventable diseases with vaccines. It also comes with an addition cost of medicines for easily preventable diseases with vaccines. In many countries, vaccines are free of cost. Even if they are not, the cost of treating those diseases is far higher.

Protects coming generations

Some diseases have become ancient due to vaccinations. There are almost no cases of some diseases because of immunization. By the help of vaccines, smallpox has been eradicated from the world in 1977 through the help of vaccines. Vaccinations can also prevent the spread of diseases in addition to eliminating disease which can save many lives.

Strengthens immune system

Children may come in contact with germs numerous times a day. The immune system of a baby is still in the development phase and it may fight off minor infection. It may not be able to fight some deadly diseases. Antigens present in the vaccinations can help combat these diseases and boost their immunity.


The number one priority of parents is their children and their safety. Vaccinations can protect children from many diseases, some of which can be fatal or lead to permanent damage. Vaccinations are effective in preventing diseases and eradicating diseases. Vaccinations can save others around you by stopping breakouts of diseases that are preventable.

Since Covid happened, many of us know how essential it is to get vaccines for our own safety as well as the safety of others. Vaccines rarely cause any severe problems, but some children may get minor problems like swelling in the injection site and pain. Nonetheless, the pros of vaccinations outweigh any potential side effects that you may get. Check your child’s vaccination schedule from a pediatrician from Ali Medical Centre.  

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