Opal Jewelry: Have You Tried This Amazing Gemstone Jewelry?

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In the realm of gemstone and Jewelry, Opals are by far, one of those gemstone Jewelry which will make you fall for its everlasting beauty and shimmer.

In fact, it is considered one of the most unique and valuable gemstones on the planet.

What differentiates it from other gemstones in the market is its exquisite beauty and milky surface. Its natural colour phenomena, known as the Play-of-Colours, makes it look like a shinning crystal on being strike by the natural sunlight.

A beautiful frolic of nature, your eyes will get bulge out on seeing the shades of opal across the spectrum.

Just one word for it – “Unmatchable Elegance”

So, if you are willing to gain some useful insight about Opal Jewelry, then all you need to do is to keep reading this blog till the very end.

Know your favourite Jewelry in detail!

A Quick Glimpse Through the History of Opal Jewelry

In the simplest terms, “Opal is a hydrated amorphourus of silica with quite a high-water content of that ranges between 3-20%.”

It’s a sedimentary rock that can range between being completely transparent to opaque.

The earliest documentation about the usage of opal dates back to 4000 B.C.

Since then, opal Jewelry has been adored to leverage beauty and personality of its wearer and blessing them with good fortune, hope and purity of soul and mind.

In fact, it has been globally recognized as the miraculous “October Birthstone”. Besides, if your zodiac sign is libra, then you should give even a single thought before adorning yourself with exquisite opal Jewelry and ornaments.

One of the most astonishing and supreme powers associated with adorning yourself with opal Jewelry gets translated to unleashing the power of the sacral chakra, that leads to spirituality and enlightenment. And here is a lesser-known fact about opa.

Opal is the national gemstone of Australian Mainland. In fact, Australia accounts for the almost 95% production of precious and valuable opal Jewelry

Physical Properties of Opal

Before going on your next Jewelry hunt to get the best quality opal Jewelry, it would be great to have some prior information about the same.

Luster: Depending upon the type of opal, it’s luster can be vitreous, dull, greasy or completely waxy.

Clarity: Opal Jewelry can be either completely transparent, semi transparent, translucent or completely opaque No of Colour: Opals have usually one primary colour, known as the body colour.

Types of opal: Black, blue, crystal, fire(red) and boulder opals are amongst the most sold opals in the market Moh’s Hardness: On the scale of moh’s hardness, its toughness level ranges between 5.6-6 levels Enhancements: Opal doublets and Opal triplets

Which Type of Opal Jewelry You Should Go For?

Getting perplexed while cheery-picking amongst a variety of opals This guide will help you make a better choice:

Black Opals: These types of opals, that depicts a colour shade that varies between darkish blue to fire red are the most expensive and precious opals. It prices can go up to more than $10,000 per caret. High quality black opals are considered to be ideal for rings and earrings.

Crystal Opals: These opals range between the colour shade of light bluish shade to deep blue with a translucent surface. Some rare crystal opals will have green shade. They are primarily mined in the cooper Pedy opal fields located in Australia.

Boulder Opals: One of the most exquisite types of opal Jewelry. With bright and vibrant surface that display colour shade ranging between blue to green. They are connected with calming down the soul and fostering peace of mind.

Light Opals: These gemstones have a greyish colour tone. In extremely rare cases, they can be colourless too. When they are have as extremely milky surface, we referred to them as white opals.

Blue Opals: There primary shades range between blue hue to green. They are basically constituted of microscopic hydrated silica spheres.

Why Should I Wear Opal Jewelry?

Thinking about how can wearing opal Jewelry can benefit you? Check out these magical benefits that comes with opal Jewelry Astrological significance

Opal is associated with Venus and helps the wearer reap the benefits of Venus. Venus is associated with luxury and relationships.

Opal is associated with the Sahastara Chakra which connects people to cosmic consciousness.

It is the lucky stone of October, but those born in other months adorn opals.

Related Benefits

Opal helps you live a life of luxury. It brings prosperity and maintains a good reputation in society. Tourism, import, and export are said to be booming. It is also believed to be useful for settling debts and lawsuits.

Opal solves marriage problems and brings happiness to the family. It is believed to help find suitable matches.

Opal is also believed to help overcome emotional disappointment or pain from past relationships. It helps calm the mind and accept the past. Eliminates nightmares and helps the wearer to sleep peacefully.

Treats stomach problems such as indigestion and sour stomach. Opal is also said to cure pancreatic and hormonal problems. Opal is known to treat eye problems, keep eyes healthy and provide a good immune system. It is believed to enhance a person’s creativity and artistic abilities.

Opal is believed to bring happiness, peace, joy, and wealth to the wearer. Opal imparts a pleasing personality to its owner. It can help you gain confidence and reach your full potential.

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