How Tubular Heaters Used in the Refrigeration Industry

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Tubular heaters are used for air heating and immersion applications. These heaters are the most reliable for the configuration of materials, terminations, mounting options, lengths, and wattage. They are very adaptable because of the numerous available application possibilities. It can be straight or configured with one or more bends. They maintain the temperature in a variety of environments. They are a cleaner, cost-effective and efficient way of keeping the temperature at the right level.

Tabular heater are used in almost every environment around the home. These heaters are the safest ways to heat the area. If there is a need to heat a small room, tubular heaters help in safely heating the room. They are used without the risk of paraffin lamps or electric heaters. An Industrial Heater Controller is used to measure the temperature. It maintains the temperature and also calculates the amount of time in which it should be switched on. 

How Tubular Heaters Are Used in the Refrigeration Industry?

Applying heat around the boundary of the refrigerator doors protects the food from defrosting and freezing. The heat trace cable is connected to the layer which is the innermost of the door frame in the normal installation method. This produces heat that does not prevent the doors from icing up or fogging. This is because of the constant opening and shutting of the door. This application applied to the refrigerator door is significant. The heater is also used across many industries.

How Tubular Heaters are utilized in Refrigeration Applications?

Tubular heating elements have been developed in recent years. A company named Tempco found a better way of de-icing the refrigerator door. This method of deicing the refrigerator door is more effective and efficient. In the new design, an airflow tunnel is created inside the door frame and hot air is forced into the tunnel. Before this, heat trace wire was used as mentioned above. Now we can discuss with the customer the custom-based tabular heater. It can be accommodated in the specific design according to space constraints. 

What are the Advantages of the New and Improved Design?

There are many advantages of the tabular heater. One of which is that the new design reduces the expenses that were previously involved in the safekeeping of the doors of the refrigerator. The time reduced which was required in defogging the doors. If there is a heater failure problem, then the tabular element is interchanged. This helps in doing the work more quickly and can be done with less effort than before. 


The tabular heater improves the de-icing of the refrigerator doors. The tabular heater is a customer-based design. It is compact, lightweight, and can fit in the tightest of spaces This application is used in several industries like the medical, scientific, food and beverage, transportation, and power sector. So if you are planning to reduce the cost of heating, replace the conventional heaters with tubular heaters. They are very affordable. They can benefit from their warmth and need not worry about the high electricity bill. They also give good heating in the harsh temperature. 


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