How to make your lockdown productive? 10 creative and fun activities to do

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Since the pandemic of coronavirus, life has never been the same anymore! People across the whole globe were highly advised to stay at home and practice social distancing when the virus was discovered back in December 2019. In the wake of COVID-19, people practiced to stay in complete isolation and quarantined themselves with their families at their homes. Even though, after the virus was controlled in a lot of the countries, a new variant of coronavirus being more powerful interrupted the lives. Now, people are getting themselves and their loved ones vaccinated as soon as possible.


The pandemic is coming back with different variants and powerful symptoms and this has put up a question that “Will life ever be the same again?” Schools, educational institutes, amusement parks, shopping centers, and all the places where people can gather are closed and still, there is no update that when the public places would open up! People are highly advised to keep themselves hydrated and sanitized along with other health measures. Wearing the mask in public and not shaking the hands while saying hello to the friend has become a new normal and, this would continue till the virus is completely eradicated with its variants. The businesses have also gone 180 degrees and a lot of the brands have shifted themselves remotely. For instance, if you want to use CIPD assignment writing service in your area, you will find great assistance online rightly and you will not have to leave your house!


The waves of coronavirus are deadly so it is highly recommended to stay at home. However, staying in the home 24/7 can make a person go bore for sure! Absence of the social events and get-togethers has made everyone feel mentally depressed and anxious. But going out of the home is scarier than being at home every day and every time! This is the high time when we should keep on practicing social distancing and should be taking precautionary measures to keep ourselves safe from the deadly pandemic. Have you had enough of Netflix? Are you tired of studying 24/7? Do you miss playing and gossiping with your friends? Well, the lockdown has surely made everyone feel this! But in this guide, I have broken down 10 excellent and creative ways that would help you stay productive and would turn out to be great fun activities too!

Read the best books:

The experts from CIPD assignment writing help in UAE shared the study, reading the books in the quarantine would be your best ever companion! Complete your favorite book or read your favorite novel, you will have quality time!

Write the journal/novel:

Writing a journal is an amazing idea as well. You can start writing your own new novel as well. This is the high time when you should start searching for your hidden talent and must get it out in front of the world!

Learn a new language:

Learning a new language is also an opportunity that you can utilize in the meantime. This would help you in enhancing your information and you will be having a great side talent. Always remember, learning new languages can make you smarter and would increase memory too!

Enroll yourself in a course:

You can also get yourself enroll in a course. Learning something new always opens the doors for success so you must enroll yourself in a new course to have a great time.

Decorate the house- gardening:

Gardening is also a fun way to keep yourself busy and productive. You can get some new flowers and pots for your little garden. Also, you can invest in making some DIYs for your house.

Clean your room:

Get good with the management and organization of your room. Keep everything in place and make sure to bring discipline in your life.

Earn online money via freelancing:

You can also earn online money via freelancing. If you are good at something then make sure to sell it online and produce some side money!

Get into skincare routine:

Infusing your time in good skincare is also a great option to utilize your lockdown time period. Watch the tutorials and do your good massage at home.

Exercise and meditation:

Get into the process of transforming yourself. You must set a schedule for the exercise and mind relaxing techniques. This will help you to stay in shape and you will not become a couch potato.

Learn cooking and baking:

Cooking and baking are two good skills that you can learn in lockdown. Make sure to order some baking utensils from Amazon and then play with them rightly!


Not only are these 10 creative and fun activities, but you can also search for some other great hobbies on the internet. Also, make sure to infuse these activities in your daily schedule during lockdown to stay productive and fit even after the lifting of the lockdown! Also Read: 5 Tips for Buying High Quality Human Hair Wigs: Avoid Cheap Knockoffs

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