How to Deal with Asthma?

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Men and Women should remain conscious about their overall health. People diagnosed with asthma should consult a pulmonologist in Lahore. The specialist will help the patient understand the cause and provide a guideline to manage their symptoms. It allows the person to lead a healthier life and become productive.

The people diagnosed with asthma should:

  • Understand and Avoid the Triggers: People diagnosed with asthma should understand their triggers. Exposure to allergens and irritants can worsen the condition. Therefore, it is best to avoid or use a mask. Prolonged exposure to chemicals can cause the person to suffer from an asthma attack; hence, they should avoid visiting polluted places.
  • Keep an Inhaler in Public: People diagnosed with asthma should remain vigilant and keep an inhaler nearby. The patients must travel with the inhaler as it is a chronic disease, and they can need an inhaler anytime.
  • Take Medications as per the Instructions: Some people may struggle using an inhaler. Therefore, they must learn how to use the inhaler properly. The medication should reach the airways and ease the symptoms.
  • Eradicate Smoking from Life: Smoking has an adverse impact on the functioning of the lungs. It can cause multiple complications. People diagnosed with asthma should eliminate it from their life and avoid people while they smoke. If the person is diagnosed with asthma and they smoke, it can lead to cancer and heart diseases.
  • Physical Exertion is Important! Exercising helps maintain BMI and manage asthma. It helps promote the functioning of the immune system, which makes the person healthier.
  • Avoid Exposure to Smog: People having prolonged exposure to smog are at a higher chance of developing lung diseases. People diagnosed with asthma should avoid smog, as it can worsen the symptoms and cause further complications.
  • Preventive Measures to avoid contact with Viruses: Flu and cold can cause inflammation in the lungs due to infection. Therefore, asthma patients must use sanitizer and avoid contact with infected people to reduce the chances of infection. Viral infection can lead to multiple complications and hinder the functioning of the lungs.

What to do when suffering from an asthma attack?

The steps/remedies that can provide instant relief include:

  • Use the inhaler: Patients must have an inhaler indoors and outdoors. It can help manage the symptoms instantly.
  • Try the banana and Black Pepper Remedy:  Black pepper helps deal with the mucus, and nutrients in bananas help reduce inflammation. People under the asthma attack should take a banana and sprinkle some black pepper on it. It will help reduce the coughing and help the patient breathe.
  • Take caffeinated Drink: Caffeine works as a natural bronchodilator medication. Individuals who do not have access to their inhaler should take tea or coffee. It will help reduce coughing and wheezing. Additionally, it contains theophylline, which helps open the airways and promote breathing.
  • Use pseudoephedrine: In severe cases, the specialist may prescribe the patient to take pseudoephedrine. The medication has serious side effects; therefore, only take it on doctors’ advice. It helps deal with allergies and congestion. Patients should take use other remedies in mild asthma attacks.
  • Steam and Hot Bath: Patients who are unable to breathe due to congestion should take a steam or hot bath. A Hot bath will help loosen the mucus, causing breathing problems. Steam will help soothe the airways and provide instant relief to the patient.

Individuals suffering from recurrent asthma attacks should consult the pulmonologist in Islamabad for guidance regarding the most effective treatment option. Additionally, the specialist will help understand the triggers and what to do during an asthma attack to help manage the symptoms.

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