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What is a mobile application

marketplace Computer programs and software that design to work on mobile devices are mobile applications. In this modern world, we can do our approx. Our daily activities are done from mobile applications; From shopping to any payment to ordering anything online to booking and gaming.  And this evolution-era application and its user interface (UI) are changing day by day. From hefty applications to single-click, applications change user behavior. Application is also a medium of connecting one person with another. A better mobile application can rapidly grow your business. 

Applications are mainly used for business purposes, and Dubai is the big business market.
Every organization or company can build its own custom mobile application with a lot of features. And best marketplace application developer can do this for you. It is because there are multiple platforms where you can run your mobile application. 

How to create an application 

Every mobile application has different criteria to be built. It depends on what type of mobile application you are making. For example, Game apps have another coding, and each gaming application have its own coding, and same goes with multitasking mobile application, offline and online application.
And these applications can be updated according to user preference. 

The application developer builds and designs the application that relates to the user precisely and improves the user experience.
Giving some additional benefits to your customers through a mobile application, for example, giving daily updates, which is required for users working on feedback automatically your customer’s loyalty.

Building mobile applications in Dubai

Programming languages like C++, java is are common to create the basic structure or an application.
And with the help of some coding renewal, you can optimize your application by changing themes and adding more visuals. With coding, you can make the necessary application changes. For example, a portrait mode when you place your phone speaker vertically straight, and landscape mood is when you rotate 90 degrees horizontally.

Every country or state have its terms and condition of making a mobile application. Dubai also has its policies. A company cannot build an application that goes against its conditions. And cannot do data breaching.  You can create any application in Dubai. But make sure the application doesn’t contain any political activities and doesn’t harm any religious feelings. For example, a dating app can be built in Dubai but doesn’t promote any sexual activity.

Cost of building a mobile application

There are primarily three types of mobile applications; Native mobile application, web mobile application, and hybrid mobile application.

Mobile application changes the entire scenario of doing business. Dubai is a major IT hub. So, the demand for mobile applications increases day by day for competitive companies. Each application’s cost differ. It depends on the app type you want and what features do you want in your application. The more functional app you will demand, the more its cost. 

The best marketplace company can build a mobile application that portrays what you want to replicate in your mobile application. That can come up in any mobile application type; native web or hybrid. It depends on client demand. 

Pricing can be fluctuated or be negotiable according to the client’s required mobile application. The first demanding cost is not the fixed one. The marketplace application developer uses the latest technology and techniques to build a mobile application. That helps to develop a better application quickly and with less effort. It is also helpful for customers to get a stunning mobile application on less budget than other marketplace application developments. 

Dividing cost into different phases 

The process of building a mobile application contains well-defined stages. Each stage will take some cost of your mobile application development 

10% business analytics 15% project management 15% UI or UX and 60% development & QA.

It is good to set around 10% to 20% budget into business analysis in mobile application development. Business analytics will work on your request. For example, the codes are clear application can work on google and apple store—support parent technologies. Mentioning the exact cost of an application is not possible because it varies as per user requirements and advanced features and technology.  


Mainly clients demand light and user-friendly interfaces with unique designs, the best color combinations, and a one-click experience. Marketplace app development works on it with UI and UX. These are the perfect apps in today’s era. It takes more than 15% of your cost from a total budget of application development.


Coding is the mother of any mobile application development. It’s an essential job. And it goes under different team members from project manager to UI and UX engineer to mobile developer. The whole architecture cost around as per user requirements. It is the costliest phase because the entire mobile application depends on it. One error could ruin your whole project. So, the marketplace app developments save your budget and fewer error chances by using some cross platforms.

Cost according to features

The more advance features you demand, the more your mobile application becomes costly. 

Optimization of UI

A user must adapt to the use of the application quickly. So for that marketplace application development, optimize UI for both a tablet user and for the mobile user. That will increase and decrease the application UI according to the screen size, with the same quality.  And if you want your application only for the tablet version. The UI work only for the large screen will increase your budget. But if a UI doesn’t optimize for a large screen, the users might lose interest in the application. Generally, the only big brand has the common apps different user experience for phones and tablets.

Providing landscape and portrait mood

A portrait is a mode when you place your phone speaker vertically straight, and landscape mood is when we rotate 90 degrees horizontally. Most applications work only on portrait mood. Because when you flip your phone, the application might require more data after turning the screen size changes. For that, UI have to be optimized. Adding this support will do increment into your budget.  

Operating system versions of mobiles 

If you also want to support your application according to old version operating systems. Then the programing with also be done separately according to those devices. It will increase your budget by 2 times, but it is unnecessary because almost every client and business use the latest operating system phones.

Offline mode

The use of cache algorithms in programming can provide an excellent user experience to the user. And this will run your application with any internet connection. But it became so costly, and the application will also acquire a large space. Many applications also run on offline mode, for example, Google Maps, Spotify, and other gaming applications.  But this feature will cost as per customer needs.


The notification has been an essential part of modern operating system applications. Companies keep their users update from messages. A user gets notified about the new version of the application or any feature addition from the notification feature. And the notification won’t send by any email to application subscribers they directly get from the app on their notification bar, even if the application isn’t open. And the increment in cost depends on what kind of service you are getting. The prices fluctuate between cloud-based notification or on-device notification. The cost will increase.

Localizing multiple languages 

Suppose your application is used in many countries. So might some countries won’t understand your native language. The cost will increase on as many as you add the country’s local languages. And this will increase the number of users in your application. But it depends on the company’s requirements.

Adding advertisement 


Adding an advertisement to your mobile application is the very biggest task. But the ad will only work when the application has a network connection.
Promoting non-related things in your application is called monetization strategy. It has pros and cons both.
If you enable the advertisements, you get paid promotion, but this might affect your user experience. On the contrary, if you want this support, then it will charge more.

Feedback is the most important part of a mobile application. From feedback, a company can review its application. And they can come on their users’ needs. And making feedback service improve some additional instant pre-install quick answers on customer feedback. Customer feedbacks give awareness to the company what problems their customers are facing. By adding this option, the development cost increase as per user needs.   


Best marketplace application development uses the stock UI given by Apple’s app store (iOS) and Google’s play store. The reason behind making applications for these platforms. Because these are the most popular and most updated platforms, an application can work properly on these platforms.
The mobile application can be developed as per the company’s demand and cost demands. The demand for pricing is slightly negotiable.  

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