How has social media changed marketing?

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The roots of social media are far deeper than we can imagine. Yes, the history of social media is vast. When there were no social media, the only means of communication was written means, delivered hand in hand. The first postal service was seen in 550 B.C., after which the evolution of social media started and never stopped. The first social media platform dates to the year 1997.

Present Day

When talking about the present day, social media has a significant role in our everyday life. We share every moment of our life on social media, whether we are reading our favorite novel, watching a movie, having coffee, going out with friends, or spending time with our loved ones. We share every picture on social media and call it memories. Our friends and followers are aware of the happenings in our life.

When talking about social media, how can we forget about Facebook? Yes, Facebook is the birthplace of every social media we use today. The credit for the popularity of social media goes to Facebook. Don’t you agree? In the 90s and early 2000, the only social media common among your friends’ groups was Facebook. Yes, we all used it, but the purpose was limited to entertainment and leisure, making virtual friends, chatting, posting pictures, and commenting. But times have changed. We got ahead with modernization and digitalization, and the definition of social media has changed as well. People consider it absurd if we don’t do anything productive with our social media handles. It is because the reasons to use social media also evolved with time, as a decade back, it was just for our leisure, and now it has some severe purposes. Today, social media provides us with plenty of personal and professional development features and tools.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is a new and technology-oriented method to grow the business. Before the emergence of technology and social media, businesses used traditional marketing methods. The techniques were logical but time-consuming and took the workforce.

But as social media appeared, marketing methods took a different route and became modern. The modern method of marketing is digital network marketing. One must have networks around the world to flourish their business and one must have a good knowledge of digital marketing to do so. To educate people about how to grow networks. As forgrowingbusiness there are courses available on the internet that give ability in digital marketing.

Hence, social media marketing helps businesses to provide their customers services and understand their needs better with one-on-one interaction, communicating directly and resolving queries. It enables the business to connect with a large target audience that fetches their increased customers. It is the modish method of growing and flourishing business.

Emergence of TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform for creating video content and sharing and discovering short video content. Young people use it to highlight their acting skills, dancing, singing, comedy, Lip-syncing, and mimicking. TikTok provides its users with features to make their content appealing, such as filters, editing, copy/paste, slow motion, time-lapse, etc.

TikTok launch

In 2007 TikTok was launched for iOS and Android users, and it was a creation of Byte Dance. It was popular by the name, which was its original name. The application was rebranded and renamed in 2017 for better international appeal as it then started to launch in different markets other than mainland China.

Career development

TikTok is a forum that gave opportunity to many for growth. Everyone holds a bundle of creative ideas inside them they just need a platform to highlight. Before the emergence of TikTok there was no such app with so many in-built features to create a short video content. TikTok gave its users a platter to serve their skills and ideas.

Period 2020

In June 2020 the TikTok and many more apps was banned by Indian Government due to the ongoing conflicts between India and China due to security concerns. After which the Indigenous developers produced their idea of making an application like TikTok. Apps like josh, moj, mitron and more surfaced after the government banned TikTok in India. The Indigenous app developers saw a splendid opportunity to earn, and the video creators carried on with their idea of making videos. But the consequence of it was many lost a full-fledged set career due to this because it is difficult to get followers all over again.

TikTok during the Global Pandemic

The period of the global pandemic gave furious hype to the TikTok application with multiplied downloads, and it became the most used application of those days. TikTok was the most talked-about app on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for its video content. The engagement of people with TikTok was massive. Some used it for entertainment, while others pulled a whole career out of it. Presently, people are earning millions and billions from it, the ones who understand the opportunity to get success with the creative method. But all of this is not possible without followers. Yes, TikTok followers fetch your money, but the question is, is it easy to get a significant number of followers?

It is challenging, especially for beginners who do not have a hang of it. The efforts to get followers can sometimes get in vain if not done correctly, which is also a waste of time, and they get disheartened easily and lose confidence. To get fame on TikTok, one must be aware of the techniques that yield fruitful results and be mindful of the ongoing trends.

Conclusion In a nutshell, TikTok is an application more than entertainment. It serves pecuniary purposes as well in the modern world it has potential to become a big marketing and social networking platform. In the long run it is capable of great things, the application can give you and yourself an identity you were looking for, one must have hangs of how to use it efficiently and effectively.

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