Features and advantages of cross roller bearings

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According to the precision and size of bearings, cross roller bearing can be divided into precision cross roller bearings and cross roller slewing bearings. Both cross cylindrical rollers slewing bearings and precision cross roller bearings have the characteristics of high rigidity, high slewing accuracy, stable rotating torque and high bearing capacity. Bearings play a vital role as the core components in precision slewing equipment. The main factors affecting the slewing accuracy of bearings are bearing manufacturing accuracy and bearing rigidity.

Main types of precision cross roller bearings.

RB type cross roller bearings (outer ring split, inner ring one-piece type, suitable for inner ring slewing occasions)

RU type cross roller bearings (inner and outer ring integral type, with mounting holes, suitable for the inner and outer ring rotary at the same time)

RE type cross roller bearings (inner ring split, outer ring one-piece type, suitable for the occasion of external ring rotation)

RA type cross roller bearings (outer ring split, inner ring integral style, thin-walled design, suitable for compact design parts, such as robots and robots rotating parts)

Cross roller slewing bearing domestic common also called cross roller slewing bearing or cross roller slewing bearing, relative to the traditional four-point contact ball structure of the slewing approach, with small size, high precision, high rigidity, large bearing load and strong resistance to damage and so on. They are often used in large slewing devices such as bucket wheel machines, super-heavy transport machines, port machines, mining machines, park amusement machines, filling machines, construction machines, etc.

Main types of cross roller slewing bearings.

XU/XSU series cross roller slewing bearing.

The rolling body of cross roller bearings is generally cylindrical or tapered rollers, which are arranged crosswise in the V-shaped raceway groove so that the bearings can bear radial, axial and overturning loads simultaneously time. Nylon isolation blocks separate the rollers to prevent roller deflection and increase slewing torque due to friction between the rollers and avoid bearing lock-up.

Compared with joint rotary bearings and slewing bearings, the advantages of cross roller bearings are apparent: 1.

1. cross roller bearings can be assembled in all spindle directions, easy to use.

2. they can withstand both radial and axial loads, thus simplifying the structure of the equipment and reducing the weight of the mechanism.

3. cross roller bearings have low grease consumption due to high rotational efficiency and low heat dissipation. 4.

4. High rotary accuracy due to negative clearance.

5. High rigidity, 3-4 times more rigid than conventional bearings.

6. High load capacity, the roller and raceway are in linear contact, which can bear the higher load.

What are the uses of cross rollers?

Precision cross cylindrical roller bearings have many advantages such as small size, high rotational accuracy, strong resistance to deformation, high load carrying capacity, flexible structure design, etc. They are widely used in precision equipment such as joint parts and rotating parts of industrial robots, CNC rotary tables, CNC machine tools, indexing tables, precision test tables, medical equipment, optical telescopes, and large radar antennas.

The importance of cross roller bearings in the industry

With the continuous development and improvement of industrial technology, the bearing market has been a war between precision bearings and joint bearings and silent changes. The story of high technology has become a powerful booster of high precision cross roller bearings. Industrial robots, maintenance robots, welding robots, hollow rotary platform high-speed rail, and many high-tech industries are developing rapidly. It has gradually become a leader in the rapid development of the industry. Their rapid growth also provides development opportunities for the development of the surrounding sectors.

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