Cats and their daily routine

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Cats have the characteristics of predators. To successfully hunt, predators need to be in good shape. That is why it is very important that sleep is complete, that is, able to restore the strength of the animal. You need to know about this if there is an interest in british shorthair for sale or other breeds of pets. However, their predatory instincts are not as pronounced as it is observed in animals in nature. In principle, they do not need this, because they do not need to take care of themselves to the extent that it happens in the wild. However, good sleep is just as important to them.

An adult cat usually sleeps 16 hours a day. But not every owner of such an animal is able to confirm this fact. Because the pet is able to sleep both for a long time and for some short time. As a result, it turns out that the fluffy creature sleeps less than 16 hours, but this is absolutely not the case if the animal is healthy and lives in affection, care and in normal conditions for a pet to live.

Why does a cat sleep for a long time

The peculiarity of a long sleep of a cat is due to the fact that she needs a lot of sleep. But prolonged sleep is possible only when the animal feels protected. There is no danger nearby that causes the animal to be awake. If the cat does not get enough sleep, it will be restless, it will constantly become anxious. The pet can sleep anywhere and anytime. In order for his sleep schedule to coincide with the owner’s schedule, it’s good to play with the animal before an evening sleep. Then at night the pet will not disturb the owner with sounds that arise due to the fact that the cat is walking around the house.

But in the morning, cats often get up before their owners. Metabolism in these animals is much faster than in humans. When the pet wakes up, he often goes to the feeder, wanting a hearty meal. Many modern owners install automatic feeders that serve food in a certain dosage and at a time set using a timer. As a result, a person manages to sleep, and the cat at this time easily solves the problem of food.

What do experts who professionally breed cats say? They also confirm the need for a proper daily routine. A person can regulate the schedule. Alas, furry creatures do not know how to do this. They sleep and are awake at any time of the day or night. However, disorder in this matter always becomes a problem for the owners themselves. Therefore, it is worth making some effort to make the cat’s routine compatible with the human routine.

Breeders, breeding golden british shorthair Vancouver, are confident that a person has the responsibility to control the life of pets. Despite the fact that nature itself can take care of the condition of the beloved furry animal, a person is obliged to monitor how his four-legged friend lives.

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