A Comprehensive List of 60 Excellent Nursing Research Topics to Investigate in 2023

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Aiming to pursue nursing for higher studies? Well, let us tell you a huge bulk of your academic work will incorporate crafting impeccable research papers to exhibit your understanding of countless aspects and preparedness as a nursing professional. Put it this way – if you aim to have a fruitful nursing career in the near future, you need to get every nursing research paper right.

The most critical aspect of a nursing research paper is its focus and precision, where the subject matter must be detailed. It should also outline the specific objectives of the research. Hence, choosing an interesting nursing research paper topic is an integral part of the research and the first step towards conducting a relevant, extensive and authentic study. It can also spark further analysis and allow you to make a valuable contribution to the field of study.

However, there remains an abundance of topics that you can dive into. So, what are the effective ways to choose the perfect one and ensure you will hook your readers successfully? Which topic can help you contribute to the community?

If you are also one of those million students who consider coming up with excellent nursing research papers to be an excruciating affair, there’s no need to look far and wide. Here, we will walk you through certain trending and intriguing topics that will enable you to ace your nursing research papers with flying colours.

Let’s dive right in!

An Extensive List of Inspiring and Unique Nursing Research Topics

An excellent nursing research topic should be evidence-based, fall within your interest area, have wide research scope, and not be frequently discussed by others. Seems challenging, isn’t it?

No need to fret. To get the ball rolling, you can select or find inspiration from the list of exceptional nursing research topics given below. Some of the prolific stalwarts of reputed services in present times have aided us in preparing this well-researched list of topics for you. You can be assured of securing those much-coveted brownie points with any of these –

  1. Explore the ethics associated with pediatric care
  2. Discuss the causes of seizures in infants
  3. Explore the effective ways to tackle the mental and emotional health of kids below 12 years of age.
  4. ADHD – Explain the causes and methods of treatment
  5. Explain the reasons behind Tourette’s in children
  6. Explore nursing informatics. Discuss its advantages
  7. How can AI and robotics be used in nursing?
  8. Discuss the role played by governmental organizations in the public health system.
  9. Explore the essential features of the work of school nurses
  10. Discuss the significance of exercise and proper nutrition
  11. Discuss the remarkable methods of offering emergency care
  12. What are the best ways to diagnose problems in ER?
  13. Write your views on the diseases caused by the cervix related to human papillomavirus.
  14. Present a detailed and extensive case study on a patient suffering from Parkinson’s
  15. Discuss the high rate of success of breast cancer screening programmers
  16. Explore the advanced techniques to diagnose breast cancer
  17. Discuss how a nurse can aid in the pain management of a patient
  18. Explore different routes from nursing to medicine
  19. Discuss the brilliant ways to enhance staff relations in the industry of healthcare.
  20. Discuss the leading and advanced practices in emergency room management.
  21. Discuss various causes of osteoporosis in women
  22. What are the different ways to prevent pregnancy in teenagers?
  23. Present your views on reproductive endocrinology.
  24. Present your views on different treatment techniques for ovarian and cervical cancer.
  25. Explore the various challenges associated with gestational weight gain
  26. Discuss different types of neonatal practices prevalent in rural areas
  27. Present your views on different rules associated with the safety of obese pregnant women
  28. Explore the impact of antibiotics on the childhood immunities
  29. Asperger’s syndrome – Discuss the symptom, causes and treatment
  30. Write about the experience of autistic women with childbirth
  31. Explore the various effective ways to tackle Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH)
  32. Write your views on the connection between diabetes and pregnancy. Discuss the risk factors and the different ways to manage them.
  33. Present your views on the importance of health education for children. How can it be a pathway for healthy development?
  34. Discuss the practical techniques to raise awareness against cyber-bullying
  35. What are the effective ways to treat a migraine? Present an extensive case study
  36. Explore the critical reasons for hypersensitive diseases
  37. Discuss the major causes of Type II diabetes
  38. Present your views on bipolar disorder and its symptoms
  39. Explore the moral aspects associated with euthanasia
  40. Write about the pros and cons associated with childbirth in water
  41. What are the basic roles of saving a mother and a child?
  42. Discuss the crucial features of adolescent education in the field of gynaecology.
  43. Discuss certain remarkable and effective methods of newborn resuscitation
  44. Write your views on parental drug use and impacts on foetal neurological development
  45. Discuss the usage of nitric oxide in the treatment of premature babies
  46. Discuss the effective ways to prevent HIV in adolescence
  47. Explore the causes that led to an increase in fatigue in adolescents
  48. Discuss the causes and intervention methods of suboptimal diabetes
  49. Discuss the connection between music therapy and phlebotomy
  50. Explore the problems associated with childhood obesity
  51. Discuss the features of modern neonatal practices
  52. Discuss the ways to monitor the quality of neonatal services
  53. Discuss the leading causes of seizures in newborns. Write about the different treatment methods
  54. Explore the significance of hand hygiene in neonatal units
  55. Discuss the crucial reasons for the usage of iodine supplementation during pregnancy
  56. Explore the different ways to evaluate the morality of the nursing uniform code rules
  57. Investigate the digital impact on nursing in the future
  58. Explore the integration of childcare services in primary healthcare
  59. Discuss certain evidence-based recommendations in primary care
  60. Write about the pros and cons of therapeutic injections

Well, that’s all for today, peeps! Hope these exceptional nursing research topics curated by eminent experts around the world offer plenty of inspiration. Once you are done choosing a topic that is debatable, interesting, relevant, adds value and is worth discussing, go knee-deep into the writing process. Outline your opinion, conduct extensive research and get started!

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