8 Ways to keep your Lipstick Boxes Growing

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Well, there is old research about packaging and that is without qualitative wrapping your product. Is not secure and there isn’t any doubt about this research. To continue this, my today’s article is all about wrapping and packaging but quite different from my usual topics. As my today’s topic is to indicate and highlight the 8 ways through. Which you can keep your lipstick boxes growing. Usually, we see rectangular shape (like the shape of lipstick) boxes are used by companies to pack lipsticks. However, there are many other lipstick boxes available in square, cubic shapes. But why is still rectangular shape is popular and how to differentiate using the same packaging shape?

Isn’t it interesting? Indeed, it is.

Instead of any further dragging, let’s get the ball roll and reveal the 8 secrets of interesting packaging myths together.

Usage of relevant graphics

The first way or you can say secret through which you can keep your lipstick boxes growing without any fuss is by using the relevant graphics on your boxes or packaging. What matters most to attract the buyers is an appealing packing front look and for this, you need to use catchy graphics themes or patterns. You can differentiate by using unique graphics and packaging designs. There are many products for which the same shape or style packaging is used. But still, brands stand out by using quality and beautiful packaging design.

Play with fonts

Another way through which you can enhance your packaging look and make it more enticing is to implement a great combination of fonts. Try to come up with unique styling or font as this is also one of the easiest and decent ways to promote your brand. Mix and match different fonts to make the lipsticks stand out from the rest. Whether its brand name or bold slogan, some different and representation can attract the customer’s eye. Think about it.

Prefer the environment security:

Another way through which you can enhance your Lipstick packaging boxes is to make sure that you are not ignoring environmental security. Additionally, people are now concerned about other livings like animals, and planets. So if you avoid animal testing and anything that is harmful to the environment, mention it on your packaging box so people can know you are doing your part as a brand on this front too.

Always try to come up with the biodegradable and environment-friendly packaging instead of any plastic or any other chemical mix wrapping as it directly not just effects on your product as well as also make your surrounding harmful.

Always Quality matters

Despite the environment, another way through which you can prominent your Lipstick packaging boxes is to make sure you aren’t compromising on quality.  Never ignore the quality for the sake of quantity make sure your box pickings are sturdy and solid by nature that ensures you lasting and friendly wrapping. The right packaging must secure the product but it is also durable and functional as well. So, spend time on creating a perfect box for your product. Don’t rush and make decisions just randomly. Choose professionals and put your time, effort, and budget in the right way and see how it’s going to work.

Concise but luxurious features

The next way through which you can lift your boxes or packaging is to adopt the concise but luxurious feature. Try to jot down the limited and informative points instead of detailed guidelines. Also, on the other hand, use luxurious features like embossed, printing, and labeling as these are the catchy tricks that help to make your boxes and packing unique and interesting.

Custom lipstick boxes

This is the affordable way through which you can turn your box into an interesting look. Getting customized boxes is so easy for this, all you need to do is just visit your nearby mart or shop or book online as dozens of websites are offering interesting customized boxes as per your desire and requirement. Another best thing about these boxes is that they are nature-friendly, free from any chemical materials or harmful manufacturing processes, and available at wholesale rates. So like there isn’t any fuss about spending a huge amount.

Add essential inserts or customized notes

Another trick through which you can boost your packaging look is to add the essential inserts, essential inserts are the extra securing things including the cushioning and extra side packing these inserts are helpful and demandable for fragile products but most of the time people use this in their cosmetic packaging too just for the sake of maintaining their reputable impression. Secondly, you can also add the customized notes inside your box as this is a short note in which you can write anything for your customers so then they will feel happy and impressed when they un-box your parcel.

Try different but noticeable shapes and designs

Another trick is to come up with different but noticeable shapes/ designs so then you can enhance your lipstick packaging more accurately without doing any additional marketing or effort. Trying some different and something out of the box is always a great option. But it is important to evaluate the pros and cons of a package properly because it can make or break a product’s first great impression.


I hope after reading the mentioned above points you are clear that how can you grow your lipstick packing. Despite this, you want to know anything else about the boxes or packaging and anything related to custom lipstick boxes then no worries. Feel free to write me in the mentioned below comment section box.

I would love to trigger your questions and try my best to answer them all in a relevant and authentic way.

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