5 Reasons to Choose Phuket for your Next Holiday Destination

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If you are still unsure where your next holiday destination will be, have you considered the South of Thailand? Phuket has long been a firm favourite among the well-heeled for a tropical paradise holiday haven, with so much to see and do and if you are looking for the ultimate destination for your 2022 holiday, here are a few reasons to choose sunny Phuket in the South of Thailand.

  1. Explore a marine paradise – If you love to explore clear blue seas and experience a wide range of marine life, Phuket is the ideal holiday location. Whether you want to get your PADI or simply love snorkelling on the surface, the waters around Phuket host some spectacular dive and snorkel sites; book a suite at an all-inclusive hotel in Patong and you can dive daily at the very best sites. You can even snorkel with whale sharks and bottle-nose dolphins; search online for diving centres in Phuket and you can browse the many packages before making a booking. Alternatively, you can walk down to the main pier and book a dive there and then, plus the operator has all the equipment. If you are into other watersports, you have plenty to choose from; jet ski, parasailing, surfing, kiteboarding and kayaking are just some of the activities on offer.
  2. Thai National Parks – While there are more than 150 National Parks in Thailand, Phuket is home to the Ao Phang Nga National Park, where you can view James Bond Island and explore the beautiful sea-level caves in a kayak. The park is in an area of 400sq km, with mangrove forests, gorgeous white sandy beaches and turquoise waters and with canoeing, you can explore to your heart’s delight. Sirinat National Park has a lot to offer the nature lover, with both land and sea areas to explore, with 4 major beaches, including the longest stretch of beach in Phuket, Hat Mai Khao.
  3. Colorful Southern Thai culture – Thailand is made up of several different cultures, the northern hill tribe people, the central Thai farming community and in the south, people are primarily Muslim and their lives are very much connected to the ocean. Fish farming and fishing are the major industries, while coconut, rambutan and many other exotic fruits are grown. The Thais are very hospitable and welcome foreigners into their community and you will have many opportunities to experience Thai Buddhist festivals that run throughout the year. The Thai people know how to enjoy themselves and this shows in every aspect of society; the Land of Smiles certainly lives up to its name! Perhaps you are planning to surprise your other half; if you are looking for the ideal birthday gift for your partner, click here.
  4. Thai cuisine – Some people come to Thailand just for the food, which is out of this world; there are reasons why you find Thai restaurants in every city. The southern Thai cuisine is extremely spicy, so be warned! Coconut cream curries such as gaeng masaman and gaeng kio waan are amazing, while seafood restaurants are everywhere and one favorite dish is tom yam taleh, a spicy soup made with a variety of seafood. Thai restaurants are mainly ‘to order’ restaurants, which means they will cook whatever you like; they have all the fresh ingredients to prepare any dish you care to name. You can enjoy the journey as you eat your way through a diverse range of dishes, plus the list of exotic fruits is endless, there will be quite a few that you’ve never heard of, let alone tried. Thai street food has to be experienced, with BBQ chicken and noodle stands everywhere, while pork of sticks with sticky rice is another favorite.
  5. 5-Star Accommodation – If you want to be close to the action, there are amazing deals to be found when you search online for Patong hotels, while you can also rent a pool villa with a stunning view; there are always luxury and economy venues where you can stay and let’s not forget the spa and wellness resorts that southern Thailand is known for. Booking online is the cheapest way to arrange your holiday accommodation and Google is all you need to find what you’re looking for.

If we have managed to convince you to choose southern Thailand as your next holiday destination, the next thing to do is check the entry requirements into Thailand, and then you can book your flights and hotel accommodation and prepare for an amazing holiday in a tropical paradise. The more you know about this unique country, the richer the experience will be and there are free resources online to help you get acquainted with the Royal Kingdom of Thailand.

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